Friday, September 2, 2011

Gruesome Me... Sexy Noir


Ow.... My first dress that has Mesh... Naum naum sexy,,,,

Frank made a sculpty prim and a Mesh Prim to go for the skirt *crotch*  You know that place wear we usually have blocks shoved at the entrance of our bits..

It also has a little tie on the side you can change the color for accent this dress also comes in white and its super sheer and sexy.. the best bet for those naughty wet t-shirt nights at your favorite club event...
and sculpted nipples for the chill in the night air.. * shivers *

Well ladies no more uncomfortable looking blockage..
We now have sculpty and I am wearing my first ever skirt prim MESH and its fantastic it bends and moves with my legs and looks one more step to natural... 

Finesmiths matching NOIR necklace is fabulious coming and going

The only drawback I am forseeing is that you can not mod your Mesh .. its What you see is what you get... so hopefully we can try the things on as we go along...

skins shown    +Nuuna+ Ellivu