Thursday, September 1, 2011

I have been rotting away - somewhere looking dead Gorgeous

Oh it just feels like I have been fighting dragons  but no dragons were hurt during this photoshoot

Hello my stalkers..
I have been having Issues..

and I am so glad you have been patiently waiting for another post. And that you my precious readers have not abandoned me...

Inserted below is my excuse for my severe slacking this past three weeks
I really struggled for a while I was so crashy that I was frustrated and just didn't want to log in..
I could log in and not move much.. or sort textures..  Even that was painfully slow..

Oh? are we trying to get a closer peek at the odd avatar.... do we need... a closer look perhaps?

So I started building my avatar.. its the Entropy star avi.. Gorgeous and done but hard to show off but I will have it on sale this week.. for certain. And a little blog just for my pretty avi..

Nuuna's  Voodoo People Skin

Hair by LoQ

Grappa Pieva  hair

Lightning and Thunder Hair Ornament
Thunderstruck Headdress by non other than me 
Whisper Stella

  One might ask
"Am I getting bored of my blog or my second-life.. ?"
LoQ Hair is paired up with my own design  * Thunderstruck headdress *

Oh definitely not..
I had some amazing issues with crashing and then not being able to take any snapshots in game so I paused my blog for a moment and dealt with my building angst by focusing on different things.

 has released this amazing series of dark liquid Noir type jewelry that I would have loved to have the matching necklace it would have perfected my look...

Finesmith BlackNile Goatee

how manly of me... so why is it kinda hawt..

Finesmith Noir earrings

there was this amazing necklace I wanted to show you that went with this set..
but you will have to just go see for  yourself

Finesmith Jewelry Noir Ring

Finesmith- Noir Bracelet

 this ring was so friggin awesome  it was a 10L item for the hunt..
but sadly the hunt is over.. but you can still check out the shop

I downloaded Sony's Vegas so I can edit my machinima .. I am such a newb at it but I am very mesmerized and god knows what will be next.. Fashion shows in slow Motion!!!

Skeleton Heel boot by Boudoir
Gothic class! Bitchy Beauty! Epic Vampire! Dominatrix Delight! Devilish Diva!
Leave it to the Boudoir Sisters to come up with such a sexy boot... 

Well enough about me let me explain these pics I finally did manage to pull off... I think things have settled down..

I have so many new things to blog ....