Thursday, October 6, 2011

High Class Trollop! Limited

Limited Edition Collection


Only Two More days of Crash Bang Trollop

 Outfit can be worn with or without Stilts but I adored wearing the stilts..

I came here to show off an exclusive and limited fashion release

So I am going to focus on Solidea Follies

 visit Crash bang Trollop now before you miss it..

I am not going into all of the kewlness of this but do go check it out before you cannot
It's a fun and interactive art installation
 and its over in a few days... Its Thursday now.. so that means by the weekend its finished!!!

 This is the most amazing outift.. every little detail is a fun discovery.. A favorite aspect is the caged beating heart garter...

the tailored shoes and the stilts... This outfit says so much... Hot Burlesque to Dark Fetish Circus..

A wonderful fashion experience. Only to be found for a short time and limited numbers...

At this time here are only 27 of these left..   do not miss the opportunity to be uniquely styled... once these are gone...

a quick peek at the vendor I love the day of the dead makeup... used in this poster

* smiles* I know I am thrilled to be one of the select few wearing this art piece.

Reaching for Happiness

 Of Course!!!!!

Oh and for those of you who are fans of Solidea Follies I just peeked in and see they are having a 50% off sale... How yummy is that!

for a very limited time....

*SoliDea FoliEs* 50% SALE!!!

Last Season Collections at half price!!

all in the second floor of the MAINSTORE!