Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby its cold outside....

I popped over to A:S:S

and I strutted my stuff... after I found this
A:S:S - Noctis Bolero - peacock 80L special priced

Chiara Black Sky *Battle Angel*

Hair is from Battle Angel.. a very anime look 200L
Join the group if you want to keep up with the newest hair..  they also release it for 50% off for the first week.

Also at A:S:S
they are also giving away this winter Winter Pavilion 0L

Landscape and trees were a Twisted Thorn gift exchange gift from....Essence of Tranquility

Also the poses used since there are no poses in the pavillian.. I use the mitten poses from Exposeur its a free group gifty so get the mittens for great pics this season.. totally useful

Exposeur Mitten Poses 5 in set

I am also wearing A:S:S  unisex Bound pants in Blue only 80L

and of course.. TRUTH newest release hair  Addison w/Roots - macaroon one of two releases this week... I love the roots.. :-P thanks Truth

TRUTH   Faith w/Roots - macaroon
Oh I have to give credit to the maker of this skin  It is something I must have gotten in one of my many bloggers groups.
I loved the smooth silken tan texture with the glossy lips. It can be found here.... at

the name of this particular juicy lipped skin is...
Solstice : Utopia : Autumn (MC / DB) Toned