Friday, December 2, 2011

Autumn Falls Before Christmas

Virtual Props and Poses by Mykala

Oh yay its that time of year where we will get more Christmas freebees than we can play with before the holiday hits us but for now lets just sit outside and lift our faces to those last rays of sun that filter through the ever darkening sky and the autumn Pallete..  I just wanna chill before it gets too cold and the snow falls..

and Virtual Props and Poses has just the right stuff.. this is a combination of two props she has to offer but it set the mood nicely.. I just did not want to let go and drag out my Christmas tree just yet... One last dance in the leaves please
Right now she is having sale and lil special 25L for dancer poses.. so head on over and check it out..  Also lots of Holiday Props and fun to be had for your photography. If you join the group you have a shot at some great freebees and some gifts  but most of all there are TONS of freeness on a wall right near the front door.
It is worth the discount also 25% off  goes a long way.

APPLE MAY has the cutest autumn  Haven Design Skirt and tank

And now we can start with two great Hairs from Truth the last of November releases ..

Truth Hair  Clara - caramel November 19th release

and the next shorter version ...  Even though this one is crow and shows no roots I am having a lot of fun with the new look.. it  ads such a nice touch..   Many of his colors come with roots options now... What will he do next..?

Truth Hair Janice - Crow
 The Jewelry I am wearing is pretty amazing.  It has shadows  to ad that lil touch of detail..  I love these shiney earthy baubles

"R.A.Crystal" *ashley* necklace green & red with shadow There are cute matching earrings to go with it... not to mention that its a free group gift...

and all of this brought together nicely with the N-core Jolie shoe You can have the ankle strap on or off  as you choose. but I always prefer the ankle strap for the ease of matching.. this time with brown stockings.. :-)

 and as always the fat pack is the best value. and takes up the least room in your inventory I always suggest the fatty..  more bang for your Linden Dollars..

and they come in lots of yummy polka dottiness colors...

to see the rest of the colors  you need to skip on over to N-Core Shoes to see them all.

sexy shoes....
Oh oh oh and I forget one thing.. it was a free gift  or so it says..MY SKIN for this blog wasnt my norm I tried something different and obviously this is a pretty sweet freeness happening here.. So take a Tp TO
(MAMBOO CHIC) and grab the Julia_gift skin
maybe hang around and support her work it looks pretty damn sweet...
you will have to IM the creator Leona Olivieri  because I cannot seem to figure out where or how I got the Julie skin but there are plenty of awesome free skins in lucky boards... and one free one you don't have to wait for  and that's so worth a stop over at her place and say Hello ..

(MAMBOO CHIC) Millie.I'm toothy freebie