Saturday, May 12, 2012

His Underpants look better on him


Well  I do  not think I need to explain this one..  but I will..  It was The Dressing Room  and I just wanted  them...  it was an impulse buy but.. Hey  I laughed so hard I almost peed in them...

Pose by PNP     Runway - Jewelry 5

Giggling.. hey honestly these underpants are well made and are I dunno  just too cool to pass up. I challenge all of you men out there to come get these and take a picture... Join the fun and the insanity of it..  but be sexy...

 Three and Crystal Pose by PNP  Total Trust 

PNP  pose Dalia 8 is the pose I am using.. still not sexy enough for ya.?.

and for those of you who I have disturbed here are some sexy men in underwear.... just so you can get this image out of your head.. lol gotta love me.....

I would love to thank the two people who came to my rescue and made asses of themselves... in a good way

Three Brentley

Crystal Organiser