Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tricks and treats....

Something Wicked this way comes...

The flaming pumpkin Beware of Halloween is a donation /tip jar... The spooky tree to the left watches you as you walk around.. the face turns to stare  everywhere you go.
All background and props  including the trees that come in four types.. are provided by this years new
products  from  
The Nightmare Store

And do I have a treat for you.. last year I featured one of my favourite halloween funsters..  Webmistrex Xue and her Nightmare store..
I can't get enough of her things..  This years she made a lot of new things that I want to share with you... and its all fun stuff.. As usual with qaulity animations and low lag scripting.

My choice of costume this year is the [SP] Wicked Pumpkin King Avatar by none other than my long time friend Spider Carnot... of

Its a definite upgrade from a past avatar he had aptly named.

[SP] Evil Pumpkin King AV 2008

If you have the  old version although its still fabulous it got better and you may want to update your wardrobe.. I found it oodles of fun to switch between the two of them.. It was like the history of Secondlife  happening before my eyes.. All I know is when I saw the recent version released I went right to spider and said I have to blog it....

with the tap of a letter you can remove your head  and replace it...

this avi comes with a fully functioning ao.. and a lot of extras,,  like the ability to light your flames in hands or pumpkin seperately... the shape is included or you can use your own.. I do love the long stalk shape provided..  although I  will be tinkering with the idea of making this a girl avi... MM the Pumpkin Queen... If any of my readers do  it and mod it to  queen I want to see it!  and post the photo..

 What have we hear.. a delicious looking sack of apples...

Nahm nahm nahm nahm nahm

Gag Sputter choke... I should have stopped at the first apple the second one was poison..... and  comes with a really amazing choke and die and fall to the ground animation for your enjoyment..

The next nightmare we will explore is the nightmare beast that pops out of a celer door and snarls and grrs at you.... be careful don't get too close....

Facing my nightmares.... has never been so much fun..  if you step up close enough it will toss you gently into the air.. and play with you...

That made it very difficult to get this particular shot... Of me in emerging from the cellar...

Definately a fave halloween pic of mine...
All the while there was this pesky GHOST OF DEAD that scared me several times as it randomly materializes  and I kept thinking someone was watching me. it popped up randomly then vaperizes away,,,, perfect for any of your most haunting needs...

Shown With Bloody Mary Mirror that  fades Mary in and out randomly... a great haunted house deco..

Bloody Mary Bloody Mary....... dare you say it the third time...

Last but not least there was the broom rezzer...

there is the pesky ghost again.. he was watching my every move...

A huge recommendation as a shop decoration it allows your guest to fly about  on broomsticks...Not that you cant  have this at home or in the clubs.. anyone can hop on.. and its low lag scripting..

If your not wanting the witch broom vehicle rezzer there is always just the broom for your personal use.. The nightmare store thought of everything..

Thanks to my dear friend Spider for allowing me the opportunity to share his Wicked pumpkin King.. a lil something for the boys.. being blogged is always appreciated..

In this pic it is the infamous Spider at his shop afk while I am giving him full force flamethrower action to his face... While I await the updated version of his Pumpkin King... He was a good sport and gave me one and not because he was afraid of getting burned..
Go ahead and like his facebook page.. He loves that sort of thing.. it helps spread the word of his latest and greatest endeavors..
Spider productions face book page

And this post would not be half as great if it wasn't for Webmistress Xue and her
Nightmare Store

Below is a list of all the props in the background from 
The Nightmare Store
Trick or Treat Halloween Sign Tip Jar :::
Broom vehicle Rezzer
The Nightmare Beast
Haunted Dead Tree
Decorative fall trees [4 versions in box]
Poisoned Bag of Apples Dispensor
Halloween Fireflies Lantern
Ghost of Dead
Bloody Mary Mirror
Dry Grass with Particle effects
by the nightmare store