Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall from Grace

Timeless.... beauty

Izzie's - Fuyu Skin (Costume Ball Ed.)

Very seldom do I manage to find things that leave me wanting for more.... and still glad that it is not so mainstream and available that everyone has it.. What I am talking about today is a store... that I don't believe  exists other than the fact they build things and some people happen to want to buy things..  I don't think they are getting rich off of our lindens.. I have not met the proprietor but I am often in his Box.. talking about building and blogging and  random stuff in my head.  I am almost certain I am annoying  a very classy and private and polite man. But.... I found this whip he made on some guy somewhere in some shop as I was poking around trying to figure out a look... for this damn horses head hair named Nightmare..I made.

Entropy Designs - nightmare hair 125L partially mesh

It made me think... Dominatrix horses hooves high heels leather pleather ... couture tats and  with a snarl.. I shoulda smoked a ciggy...

FALL FROM GRACE  See how this... whip just hangs at my side..looking gorgeous.. its high details and beautiful.. I want on in my hand.. I harassed the creator  and had to stop because of threat of a whipping.. to calm me down... That shut me up quickly enough

 Wicked Tattoos - cupcake legs and sleeves

The sexy lingerie.... is a product from the Dominatrix hunt... SELDOM BLUE
It has quite the selection of options and layers.. I did not use the stockings and garters because it didn't work with the tattoos and shoes I was wearing.. but it comes with pretty stockings  with garter straps...

Whip of the Abomination

I started this blog to delve in the discovery of new and old pieces... not limiting myself to  the standard elite... but the artistic and moody and the humble and sublime...

I have an eclectic style that goes from whimsy to serious classic and back again and even sometimes involving all three looks in a chaotic jumble that  somehow feels right to me...

Nightmare Hair... headdress

I am soft and hard leather and lace. latex and silk....  Most of all my styles reflect my inner fantasy and costumes that immolate a given moment.. I am an actress that no one pays to see... I am the actress in the mirror performing for an audience of one..


What this blog does is allow you to perv most private thoughts.. even though they have no meaning..  rhythm or rhyme.. it is a window into Squishy... the world of Squishy... Welcome. sit back relax and enjoy  the view.. nothing lasts forever... Not even eternity ...  who would ever know if eternity will even happen No one will ever be around long enough to find out..... All we have is Now..

[Diktator]-DARE  -HORSESHOE SANDALS  they have been out for a while  but I wanted to finish my Nightmare Hair
It took a lot for me to save up for these shoes they are not cheep but they do make a difference.. the look is perfect this was the fatpack which I always suggest to save money especially if your like me and indecisive. I am a broke ass pixel chic... and this took a bite out of my LL wallet. But you know how we will pay anything for the best... if you want the best you will pay out the ass for it and these I am keeping I wont be sending them to the glue factory anytime soon....

FineSmith Jewelry Ayelet earrings BLACK
FineSmith Jewelry Mind- eye decor red
Mind Eye decor New release from FineSmith Jewelry

And we always forget to mention our poses and I try to accommodate the amazing pozes I use in my blogs.. All poses in this post are from KATINK  Deep Despair Set