Friday, November 16, 2012

Hippy Chic and Boho-eautiful

Fun stuff and great looks
New Truths
and Deer

this is a photo hud item very old school from Mia Snow I love the keyhole effect
 TRUTH - Marley - cupcake
 * .:: deeR ::. * MESH loose fitting tank
 BoHo HoBo - flower printed bell bottoms

TRUTH  - Cyanne w/Roots - chocberry November 11 release
**SHINE** Zaria Lavender/DeepTan

TRUTH Cyanne - barbie

 Lily Jeans - even.flow
 **SHINE** Chic Sandals
.:COLE:. GroupGift - Flower Capri {older item}

**SHINE** Chic Sandals

 The hud may be very simple... but it was one of the easiest ones I have used to match the skin  So these are a big plus for me. I love the ease of the hud to match my skin ...

Izzie's - Heart Necklace (touch to change color)
It matches everything!

 The set of balloon animals come in several colors and  elephant giraffe and Poodle

::[[ Love Zombies ]]:: Balloonamal Attack!
TRUTH Marley w/Roots - seasand November 11 release

 * .:: deeR ::. * has a hud  to change the textures of the Loose fitted tank..

I  believe that is one of the reasons I find  * .:: deeR ::. *so dear because one item of clothing can  have so many options and textures. to choose from and you get a lot of use out of your lindens

Izzie's - Long French Nails

My pink Elephant and I dancing... At home I have  since added romantic sappy Music and rain... and a puddle..

 * .:: deeR ::. *