Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beauty and Light found in shadows and darkness.

All you have to do is look..... within.

The wind blows softly moving the silver that lines the clouds... A shimmering dance  as it slowly darkens the skies

The angels cry as they witness the masses turnthere head skyward searching for the light never knowing that it comes from within, Innocent and blind unable to voice the fear that wells up inside of them...

swallowing the fear never speaking the very things that will set them free. A masque of fear hiding the beauty so others cannot reach them. Alone they turmoil...

Vast amounts of time spent in total darkness with no voice..

Silent Angel Masque By Whisper Stella of Entropy Designs

 With sadness the angels cry for the world.. Knowing there is nothing to do but wait....

this mask comes with or witout horns or lashes - you decide..

Desire and Envy strip us of the light.. like the wind that moves the clouds creating shadow... Envious creatures deny the light that is set before them behind blind eyes...Beauty behold can be found in High places and in dark crevices.... shadow only keeps one from seeing

Jewelry and Wings are the Newest release from FINESMITH - PAPIYON WINGS in silver

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... What are you afraid of?
Come try out the beauty of Finesmiths jewelry..  And explore the Mystery of Entropy Design's Masque

FINESMITH - PAPIYON - Wings Earrings Necklace and Bracelet - silver
Nightingale's Sorrow by Diesel Works (cage prop and poses)
hypnotizing creations - *the animated  artwork* Teardrop
Entropy Design's Silent Angel Masque - Silver
Vanity Hair - Closer-Silver - perfectly windswept and goes so well with this masque