Sunday, February 17, 2013

Olde enough to have seen it all ..... and then some

Its the days after the big Lovers Holiday.......
And the phone still isn't ringing off the hook for some of us SL sweeties....

But I was determined ready for the big night  ahead of me...
Sitting patiently by the phone just waiting for someone to call me for a good time...

Sitting there patiently the time ticking away.. I turned on some tunes.. and started vogueing my way into a good mood...

There are several of the granny avis and old man avis to choose from they were great.. we ran around for my nieces birthday as old people another year older why not

Look at the moves on this old lady.....
Poses courtesy of: +:Studio Sidhe:+:
Music is Life - poses

The purse  texture changes and you can smack people in the head with it...  I had lots of fun with that,
The headscarf is also texture lots of cute lil granny clothing* all sold separately* Here at  
The Wigglesworth's Residence

This is the Rose Avatar.... and I went mad shopping for all the added features... Teeth in a jar... walker ... hair scarf... clothing..

And after it was all said and done I felt like this old broad could be a little glamorous.. if she wanted to be. So I put on some of my best jewelry by FINESMITH 
and a gold lame dress from  MIMI'S vogue dress in gold
and the results are stunning..

Shh shes old and cant see that her over sized pancake nips are showing..  The old gal had no nips on her skin so I bought a tattoo layer of fab nips for  effect.. Absolutely smexy  I am currently hunting for a shoulder cougar tattoo for my next evening out and about town.

classy olde bitch isnt she...

FINESMITH -LOVE ANGEL gold Jewelry New release 

 Love angel jewels come in silvers and golds

 Hair TRUTH Sam - platinum *older release*