Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Butterfly Effect

It was raining and dark.... and I love that sort of day when lightning strikes and thunder happens. It stirs up my creativity. So here is a preview of my newest creation....
The result of such a somber low lit day... and the slow long process of creating for my New Shop. Its totally empty but I have to begin somewhere and this is the first from the New shop still under construction but your welcome to poke around...I love stalkers! Come say Hello..  and yes I am accepting  bloggers 
Butterfly Effect by Squishy Polkadot

ButterHorns Beautiful Butterfly Horns... New By Squishy PolkaDot

The hair I wear is one of TRUTHS newest release he had several this week....
TRUTH HAIR Denee - Black&Whites

the horns come with two versions.. one with a small animated red butterfly that flutters about the horn

Weather! or not?  Doom and Gloom Couch 265L

This is the latest little do dad from Weather! or not?  I tend to grab all of the cloudy day stuff.. I love it. There are other versions of this couch.. rainy and a sunny effects style.. but this is the newest its
Little Fluffy Cloud Couch - doom and gloom  and I love it it comes with cuddles and couples and single poses all of them cute and adjustable. The lightning crashes and thunder strikes..

 Some Epic Mary Janes... a 99L preview wednesday item

There are lamps and picture frames to go along with this fluffy cloud couch.. Simply Heaven..

Another piccy of my horns.... currently working on them and yes I made PINK!

[AUX] Melt My Heart ring - White

The white one is the original heart and the other is a copy that I tinted for the black color.. its just not the same because it takes all the detail out of it and these rings are cheep enough at 88L to get the colors I was just experimenting with tinting it.. bleh... the white on its own is fab.. Support the designer AUX buy more than one color I know I am going back... Hands worn are the hands by Slink  and I purchased the hud to adjust the fingernail length.. Love it...only 150L

The silvery white wings are just one of many you can get in the gotcha.

Naum naum they look like yummy

[Pretty Liar] Sparkle Wings - Silver from the Gacha Machines  in the main store for 50L a try. I have a feeling you will be seeing me sport these adorable wings around for a while.. They looks scrumptious and edible like Cinnamon bun wings..

[Pretty Liar] Sparkle Wings 50L per try You Gotta has them..