Saturday, June 8, 2013

SL Fashion Week.... is every week for me for the past 7 years but.

Here is the real deal...
I became a blogger for this weekly event because its a one stop shop for some amazing deals and great new items from some of our fave stores.. How could I not want to do this blog...The greatness of it is that for the next week everything I list in this post is available here at

get it while its hot....

The Eloise Bo in Pinstripe looks fab with the Mala Bulletproof necklace

Hairclip= RO - Eloize - Pinstripe - **New @ SLFW
!.R.! CutOut BodySuit Black - **New @ SLFW

 Pink Acid Mesh Clonker Platform Boot - Red Leo - **New @ SLFW

!.R.! CutOut BodySuit Stripe - **New @ SLFW

Pink Acid Clonker Platform Boot - Crackled Coal  -**New @ SLFW

 .mala. - bulletproof necklace *black - **New @ SLFW
 .mala. - bulletproof earrings *black - **New @ SLFW

Shown with Bulletproof earrings - necklace and truth Hair Bobbie

The Tats I used in this blog is - Ner. Ink Tattoo   Jerry Old Skool  and I am loving what I am seeing so far.. I jsut discovered them and  you  just have to go see what they have.. I love supporting people like this...
The Skin I am in.. is

Izzie's - Ivana Skin tanned Izzie's - Ivana Eyeshadow smokey

let us not forget the posemaker.. the red headed step-child of the blogger world.. without the poses we would all be newbs.
Bow down before the greatness of the under appreciated and the often overlooked.....


Lola Poses

 Non SL Fashion week items Skin and Hair

TRUTH HAIR Candy - Black&Whites NEW Release 7/8/13
TRUTH HAIR Tawny - Black&Whites NEW Release 7/8/13
TRUTH HAIR Bobbie - Black&Whites NEW Release 7/8/13