Monday, July 15, 2013

I have been following the yellow Brick road

There is no place like home and I been busy

 *weather or not*

!WorN? has a very old but amazing cool prop called *yellow brick road to nowhere..* a must have if your a OZ fan..  I loved it and its going to be a perm part of my shop  so pop over to play on it and check it out to play with it on your own..

My friend Holli and I found these crazy Boobieliscious over the top raincoats.. from Bare Rose..

You will find assorted cute stuff there Bare Rose is a really old stomping ground for me.. You never know what you will discover there. And today I discovered they have a section devoted to us Lola Lovers.. this raincoat comes in three colors in one pack.. blue pink and yellow

All of my fab jewelry is by Amorous.. Great stuff.. I love the metal tie.. and the record earrings colorchange  and awesomely cool. I made some record earrings of my own a while back I jsut love record retro looking  things.. Time to make a ring now!

The bracelets I am wearing are by Amorous too..

::: B@R ::: ColTrench - Yellow

: Amorous : Tied (Cord)

: Amorous : Vinyl Earrings

Squishy PolkaDots - BEE-utiful Lashes

Squishy PolkaDots Darkness Ring *YELLOW*

Squishy PolkaDots Let there be Light Ring *YELLOW*

TRUTH HAIR - Bobbie - Black&Whites

[Gos] Rigged Wellington
[Bamboo] Nails - Latex

ATM I am looking for Bloggers for my new Squishy Polkadots..
 feel free to contact me in world if you want to blog my goodies.

Squishy PolkaDots Let there be Light Rings