Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gacha beautiful..... shine bright

 Its still happening and going strong...

gacha machine located in the sponsor tent
Parasols by Catnip... available in the OMG Gacha fair in Jersey shore
.:-CatniP-:.  Gacha Parasols....

Absolutely Batty for this set of .aisling. Boo RARE wings. from the OMG gacha

Squishy PolkaDots.- Spider Crawl Crown  - available in both locations.

The OMG Gacha has been a blast and its only just begun.. a week into it and I cant wait to create  things for the next round.

But for now check out some of my fave things from this round...

 I have been goofing off and hanging out with my pals in SL while they were working.. time for me to get off me bumbum and stop laying around.. I have so many beautiful and awesome things to blog.

I loved hanging out with this doll..  I felt a connection.

Kaa is the gacha snd will be found in the mainstore location of Devious Minds  

KOSH- HELIAN NECKLACE -female and male versions available - [onyx] and has touch options for  metal and leather cord textures changes

This outfit doesn't have the delicious Phat Azz but I worked it anyway because a Phat Azz come naturally to me.. What I want you to notice is.....

.aisling. Boo RARE wings and horns

How Horny I am.... * punny pun intended...* So many people  is Horny for these particular horns I hear people calling for trades and or wants in all the gacha hangouts and groups. SO if you have a pair... Hug yourself ... They are my faves too!

 the electric bolts I am wearing are fun... they are a 5L hunt item I was thrilled to get! I showed all my friends and now You...  these are great male gifties too.. Unisexual always rocks  and so so super cheep almost free.

I would love to thank Izzie for the fab skin  I went darker tones .. this time I was going to be pale. but the deep purple wings and horns are super rich...And  I loved the darker tones of Izzies skin for this look.

Its hard to see in this pic.. but the crown is  my own Squishy Polkadots Design.. its a acream  theme for this Halloween...


.:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Socks :: EDDY ::

I could not wear my phat azz but  these were so great I had to wear them.. and look at the lace shoes.. To Die for!
 We love us some sexy shoes...
and I love that a lot of shoes are slinkable and its  easy to get all matchy with my skins.. 
lassitude & ennui Alisha lace booties - black (for SLINK feet)

 Skin I am in.. is  Izzie's - Katya Skin dark tan