Monday, March 29, 2010

Be TRUE to yourself.. Time for NEW HAIR

OK.. IRL I Have this WILD  hair.. It is untamed.. and if you TRY and tame it it rebels.. and looks very sad.. It needs freedom to express itself. rotflmao... I have cut it.. dyed it... greased it.. flat ironed it.. curled it permed it... and well  lets say.. Other than the color my hair has 98.9% bad hair days..

Its carefree... and insane just like me..  
But.. that brings me to this ....
Second-life is a fantasy world for Trichophiliacs..  SO many to choose from.. some good some not so good.. some silly some sad. some newb... some ugly.. and some just fantastic..
If your anything like most second-life females.. your inventory is half HAIR..
in every color and style.. after a while you get a certain style..
Some of us never learn..

Well this was one of those days..
 I decided to take myself to a friend of mine.. Who was posing as a hairdresser..
* Did I say POSING.. oh yeah.. I should have known..
 it was a
What was I thinking
sort of moment.
So here I found myself.. in the
*in real life this always fraught with anxiety*

My vision for myself and theirs never match up.

And this is just what happened.. I wasn't happy at all.

 I was downright...UPSET that the long wait in the rollers ended up an EPIC failure..

SO my first thought was

Truth Hawks


I his shop and fixed my problems right up... Nothing like having the best ever hair..I highly recommend his hair.. I barely if ever have to adjust it.. its pretty no brainer.. and easy.. to fit...I didn't care that I looked a fool with my straw hair.

 I mean look at the bald chic and the lil Newbie chic on the other side..

Their were two cute styles offered this week. The Daisy a nice lil innocent ponytail with a Daisy behind the ear. Menu driven with ease to change the flower color with one thoughtful and special feature the ability to make the flower invisible.. I loved this because if you love the hair and you think you have to pass it up because it has a flower VIOLA!! presto.. POOFS all gone wiht the click of a menu.. pretty swift...

The Other is called Marguerite

Despite being one of the busiest guys I have ever spoken too with his thriving business..

*You would know this if you ever popped into the Sim after the arrival and announcement of new hair.  Its a lag-fest of epic proportions.. And he has thoughtfully added his hair to SLX for those of us not willing to wade through high arcing Av's to get the latest and greatest.*

He is a friendly chap and usually will answer you in a fairly decent amount of time if you have issues or questions..  One of the reasons I will stop shopping at a place is if I get bad vibes from the creator. Never once has he ever been other than a perfect
gentleman and businessman in my many many dealings with him .. The first several weeks I was his customer I IM him with my bad purchase wrong hair colors and other issues totally my fault and every time I got service with a smile..
So if you haven't already * Because lots of Bloggers blog his newest hair and there is plenty of exposure.... *
go here and get some hair.. If your a newb.. he has a cute lil freebie and some lady gaga bows.. to get you through your first days til you earn Lindens.. or you give in and buy them like I do..

Lots of low risk hair. not to wild great classics.. and well textured.. The man knows his hair building skills.. Now if I could coax him into making some Squishy Hair.. Something risky and wild...