Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter.... huh?

OK how in the world am I gonna explain this one..
I was curious about how the Easter bunny got his colorful eggs..
I have heard many explanations throughout the years
So I thought I would go to the source...

I spoke to a good friend of the Easter bunny and
Rumor has it. that he gets a little help from his friends.

There is
Olivia The Easter Ostrich!
And HUH!
The Deaf Easter Bunny!
Who seemingly listened intently to my concerns
 translating for his mute pal Olivia. in some kind of fashion I could not discern
Many times during the conversation I wondered if he was realy listening so
I would poke him in his lil chocolate tummy and he would say

he was made by Arielyn
and handed ot me via our texture group. He has an equally adorable chocolate bunny companion
that has his ears still
just in case your the sort that cannot handle having your chocolate bunny pre bitten.
both of these generous gifts were passed to me to make me smile and
that is exactly what they did..
For hours!.

Her sense of humour is playful and fun the wonderful Easter egg laying Olivia
has a menu that allows you to
set the speed in which she poops out Easter eggs.
OK she lays them
 but I wasn't about to stick my face anywhere to see where the eggs were popping out
and rolling across the lawn from. And saying pooping eggs made me giggle like a kindergartener
And if you ask me it makes more sense to have an Easter Ostrich
that  LAYS colorful eggs..
I hung around til lunchtime with these cute lil creatures
Let her know I sent you

Cute lil guys created by the Arielyn Docherty

So now we know..And thank you Arielyn for making us smile.

stay tuned for more on Arielyn creations.. so many things to show you!

Easter Ostrich