Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Other Moon

Sometimes I just wander about and run into things...
My journey leads me from one place to the next and eventually I end up somewhere interesting. Today I have found a magical connection so that I can show you..  Secondlife in its best
lights..   I wandered into the shop called

:+:Studio Sidhe:+:

And met this delightful Fae girl who goes by the name of Faery Sola.  I introduced myself to her via my standard note card.. The blah blah Blogger one and she replied within a decent amount of time while I was still hopping from one pose to the next in  her shop... I complimented her on her work of course. Because I do not blog something I wouldn't actually buy or do buy.. 

 she was so happy and full of herself.. it made me smile.. she had this charm and playful wit that on several occasions she set me to giggling.. Her character was small and adorable  and she has very much what I would imagine to be the Fae folk temperament.. and attitude. Mischievous  innocent playful... teasing..
I could easily see how these creations I was hopping on from pose to pose had come from her mind's eye..  They were delighting me and stirring my own imagination and I landed upon a favorite and purchased it due to her ruthless sales pitch.
Goddess Moon

She has great images for her promotions and sales boards.. I loved all of them. and I would post her pics for you except I think you need to
*go visit her place in-world *
to see what I am talking about for yourself
But for now I am going to give you my interpretation of what I saw when I was posing so that you can get an idea of just how versatile her poses are...

Thought provoking is the words I whispered into her IM box and I am sticking to that. There were different poses  listing from windows with pouring rain and stairs with my favorite Peek a Boo Pose ...

Very basic and useful.. Great for us bloggers and easy to fit into any scene you can imagine... from stairways to heaven to the streets..
I challenge you to get yourself a copy and show us what you can do..
Just on a sidenote.. none of the photos in this blog are touched up in any way.. The lighting and vision is all Secondlife.. My view of the world I walk every day.. No tricks no gimmicks but plenty of props.. I love props  I am very WYSIWYG *what you see is what you get* in my photo creating..

My view on her faery moon and her bubbles came out completely different from her own.. Mine a bit dark and light and Other moon oriented..

Ever my hero Dirk was there to pop my bubbles and bring me back from the reverie and magic I was conjuring...My imagination ca run amuck and Dirk was there to help me escape from the bubbles that are probably my lil head overheating like a cars radiator..

 Not to worry The Sidhe Moon - is the second New Moon to occur in any one solar month and is considered to be the reflection of the New Moon in The Otherworlds.It will not be coming about for a few years. August 31st 2012... I have plenty of time to contemplate moon magic and how I will reach for it..... until then.. 
I still think getting to it via bubble is a good idea.. *wink*