Monday, March 22, 2010

=DeLa*= DE DAH..

I ran off.. to the clothing fair... and got lost..
I honestly was disappointed in most of the things there..
I couldn't find anything I would actually buy that wasn't  * YAWN *...
 I could have just missed a few places because I am ADHD like that.. and I need instant gratification...
But lately. I am kinda getting bored to death with designs   it's like they all run into one another and if I bother to  send you a note card its because I seen something special and I would really like to ....
blog your place and share with the world..

 lol.... I have found out its not that damn easy... people ignore your note cards  or call you a blegger.* my word for BLOGGER BEGGER etc.. and I am not really good at convincing anyone to.. give me an opportunity I usually end up jsut makign them mad.. or getting banned cus I wont always agree that being snobbish is the best way to be and I am just not going to run around blogging on crap I  wont actually pay for..
 So this brings me to this one lil shop =DeLa*=
She may be popular  I really don't know I have never seen her shop before ..
A new discovery for me..

above pic is of a random customer Kyriah Werefox I met on my travels

I of course instantly looked into her profile and yes there it is again..
I am.. so popular and busy please note card me because .. my IMS are capped...... 
I dont think my IMS have ever been capped... and I have lots of friends who have that very same thing written in there profile too.. wtf is up with that!  
so to stave off the onsetting deep depression because of my lack of...
popularity and being CAPPED...
I bought two of her jackets because well honestly they are awesomely textured.. and they were shorty short and looked so cute.. they seemed versatile. 
And damn it  they were jsut incredibly hawt..
I grabbed a red one to match the dress I had on.. and was pleased to find adjustments were fast and simple.. I just had to move the body of the jacket down a a bit  so it wasn't all up under my chin like some kinda hunchback.. once this was solved.. the end result.. was awesome.. it fits well and doesn't interfere with the rest of my prims or hair it blends well and moves smooth.. the back is just a touch boxy but is still really well done.. SO.. here I am  in my jacket...  a short lil chunky jacket and I am happy with spending 420L for one.... and there were a few other styles of jackets I would have loved to show you. I made a fast stop at her main store to pick up a landmark and saw this very well dressed avi in what had to be one of  =DeLa*= coats.. a longer version so since I was strapped for cash and she was dressed up to snuff so I pulled her along for a lil photo shoot on the street corner..
I wanted to show these lil numbers can be worked into any style from sophisticated classy to street cute and trashy.. So me and my LUSHious new friend Kyriah Werefox hit the streets and showed off our stuff... SL was being a bitch and not letting my poses work properly so  Kyriah spent a lot of her time on her back... lol  But even looking laying there like a drunken street hooker.. she was rocking that coat and purse accessories..

short and sweet...  even though she * the designer *  never responded so that means customer service may be slow... I doubt you will be having too many issues or wanting to delete this one anytime soon... thumbs up... And la de dah... and all that .. I am just gonna sit here and stick my nose in the air.. and see if I can drown myself... roflmao 

I am cute though ain't I..

And than you Kyriah for helping me model these luscious coats now get out mah way I get the next john... roflmao..