Thursday, March 18, 2010

Otherworldly Discoveries

Have you ever wandered into a place and felt as if you wanted to know more?
The artist behind this avi I am wearing was brooding and quiet but friendly
I found him sitting quietly in his dark world wearing the very avi he had given me for my blog.
His normal avi is completely male and somewhat different, I have not met that particular entity i have met Only the persona captured without his knowledge by my camming the sim..
The thoughtful artist seeking inspiration to complete his many projects is pictured below as I found him.

I immediately announced my presence and we conversed shortly as I ventured about the simulation of his imagination.  There are other residence scattered about and occasionally you will find bits of evidence that there is someone living there besides Thadeous Ofeq


My conversation with him consisted mostly of compliments and my compliments began to bore even me so I stopped after raving about the thunderous skies of the Discordia sim. All made by Thadeous. I hinted that I was in love with the skies and wanted to purchase one but sadly at this time they are not available until he perfects the rez system so that it will be easy for his clientele to handle

Another wonderful surprise for me was his generous offering to gift me with this wearable art
Complete with her throne and crown made that made me feel a part of the scenery
 Introducing the yet to be released

The three headed avi blends in perfectly with the skins provided to me and the art in motion is well done.. tendrils fly about her as she walks or hovers on her throne. Its is a very imposing and majestic creation.. release date unknown as of March 2010

The picture above is of one of my favourite builds THE MOTHERSHIP underneath yet another version in yellow of the thundercloud that slowly moves and twists and fascinates. The prim count for this monster of a Mother ship was 236 if I recall correctly and the cyan beam will transport you aboard the ship from the ground.
This is something I am seriously happy with and so hard to photograph just how cool this really is..
There is also a massive monolith of a tower that spirals ever upwards like a giant stairway to the heavens themselves. and he supplies a place for you to rez this massive build.. I urge you to go now and view his builds even if you could never own such prim monsters..they are fun to look at or take pictures in.
 For those of you who are prim whores and able it is a must have.
 Enjoy explore and tell him that
Whisper sent you...&  Pester him for the thunderclouds..