Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lost in the Forest

I was trying to figure out what next.. Yet again * sigh*  I pleaded and acted like a fool..
Trying hard to get a glimpse of a new shoe design.. and yet again I was met with a stone cold shouldered silence that screamed loudly.... Haute Couture is too snobby for me. And then I thought about it.. give it up leave that to the rest of the great bloggers out there.  I have my own style and flare and its uniquely me and there are many who love my little finds and mixes... I have a place in this blog eat blog world. And I don't need to cover something that is so mainstream and in your face stark raving screaming on the daily about how popular they are.. SO we all know them.. 
the SLebrities. 
Not saying I wouldn't love a freebee tossed at me but honestly a lot of my blogs will be about what I personally would buy... and have paid for.. I will make a note card to give to the few shops that I handpick the item I wish to blog but they don't always respond and look at you like your a begger...   I don't need anything I have enough in my inventory and enough I will buy to make plenty of blogs right out of my damn closet.. and so shall it be until I make a name for myself.. And that takes hard work I have seen fellow bloggers bust ass  doing nothing all day but taking pictures of  too many things given to them that they feel obligated to blog..  People complain but bloggers work hard for them not so free freebees..

So here it goes I was moping and kicking stones in my bare feet cus I was blatantly rebuffed cus I am a NEWB Blogger..
SO I actually decided to  read a few of my SPAMMICHES called group chatter.. and realised it was TWISTED FRIDAY... a day of blissful abandon.. when various artists make pretties and SHARE with there fellow twisties..  So I hobbled my self to Twisted Thorn textures for a lagfest of others gathering goodies galore..

When low and behold there was a light..

and it glowed brighter than any moody lil shoemaker could to attract my attention.. I love shiny things..  and I was drawn to it immediately my mouth hanging wide open in awe at the glowing glory of.. a PANDORA LIKE FORREST. and I ewed and awwed and set my lil butt right down for a pose or two before I clicked the take just one box set out for us twisties... The promo picture next to it priced it at a nice 699L and it was a heavy primmed beauty of 196 prims but hell if I cared... I loved it and bathed in the light for a few hours and watched the glowing sparkles rain down on my head.

After praising the designer creator Aamiene Despres and smiling hugely in her IM box... thanking her for it and letting her know I was blogging this shit.. it rocked... The pictures were taken at midnight and honestly they do not do it justice. its a nice large sized build but not overly large.. And it has two poses one animated and one not.. You could always add your ownposes  but this is rather comfy and well made for a nice peacefull chat with a pal..  It is Cheery and upbeat it is sure to lift a mood and de stress the drama ridden souls who wander across its path.
I went to her lil place -  which isn't so little by the way and found more plants mushrooms and assorted buildings.. garden and gazebos.. I didnt see the new Pandora like Forrest out yet today but I am sure she will be happy to sell you one.. And probably as of this blog she may even have it out.. check it out for yourself..

She seemed a little busy and slow to answer my IM but she eventually answered and was sweet and happy to help out.. So here you have it..

Aamiene Despres 
 owner of.