Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unexpected Fairy tales

The other day I was thinking Green again.. its Almost St Patricks Day and I have not looked up any hunts for green things and don't think I plan on it.. I still have last year's St Patricks Day crap still jumbling up my inventory.. I have to redefine what I need to have.. My obvious Choice here was not to hunt today...

SO... I revisited my inventory and found and old old old NYLA CHEEKY dress from 2006 Nyla's Genie Corseted Silk Cocktail Dress and if I recall that damn dress was nearly 1k because it was uptown  and high fashion.. And in real life Nyla is an artist and fashion designer so naturally she would extend that part of herself to the second-life fashion world. When I first purchased it I had seen the real life design and wondered how could it be anything but gorgeous.. Soon discovered some things are meant for photographs and you can't move in them.. It a fantastic textured dress with a terrible build... Even in the day when I bought it I never wore it because it was a mess.... the prim fit was just plain badly done..I think I am going to return to see if I can find an updated version.. Her real art is in real life.. this is just a picture worthy dress and as soon as this photo shoot is over i am tossing it out like the JUNK it has become total newb build with fantastic idea and texture..  I still love it even as I burn it... I just wish I had an opportunity to wear it in sl  and not just for a photo....  But not so sad since I have now gotten a sweet pic for my fairytale.... Do check out Nylas blog website she has some nice things to look at a real visual candy shop.  And here is a link to her Second Life shop. But unless she updates her second-life builds to sculpty gorgeousness I won't be going to her shop anytime soon.. ( mental note is it still in world?) It was a nice walk down memory lane and this pic is gonna be my 1k Linden shot...  then deleted.. So enjoy the nostalgia of it. its cute..

I was thinking French designs and high fashion and wanted to get a lil couteur so I pulled out my froggy friends and  and gave one a Frenchy  kiss.. 
just because it was like.. a magical setting and I had to fall for its cute lil ribbet noises and POOF..

I think it backfired  I became the FROG and there was nothing romantic about it..
but it is a cute lil fun things to wear that comes with a hud for eating flies with a long red tongue... and an animation that will have you hopping around shopping for a better dress.. lol... The one comes from a favourite of mine  and the same person who made the MAUSE.. the lil frog feet are fun and cute and playful . I would have showed you the froggles that go with it but hey.. I only have so much linden love for these designers out there...

another great creation by..