Monday, March 8, 2010

Make Me Melt


happened upon this project called MELT and found out my favorite skin designer was involved and had contributed with some exclusive FAE skins at a reasonable price of 850L each or 3000L for the fatpack of five makeups So immediately I messeged Ms Launa Fauna and asked if she could provide me with a sneak peek for my blog.. And even though she had already sent out her Blogger packs... she gave me two of these lovely fantasy skins to play with. I must say I wasn't surprised at how pretty they were especially since they are the work of Launa Fauna and if you look you can see how it appears to have water reflecting off of the skin  with shimmering lights subtle and delicately laid across the luscious pale form of my nakey body...

The following is a short rant are for those of you who feel offended by my pictures... I figured some people will need help understanding just how I feel about it..


OooH Nakey!! Oh Bewbs!! Please fill out your complaints and or your fear of nipples---> HERE  <--- *warning adult content!!* ( a Little place I looked up in search that will either scare you and make your head explode or will cure you with extreme bewbage) My little contribution to your much needed therapy) its just art folks and I don't want my dolly to have no bewbs... Launa does have some skins that have lil white bikinis to cover the bits  I am unsure if they are still available  but you can always go to her shop and see. great for your PG lifestyle! YAY!!  Just in case my shock therapy didn't work for you. Glad you have gotten past my need to flash my nipples and are still reading. I thought the pictures above showed off the skins well so there you have it UNCENSORED..

The face is highlighted with aurora borealis colors that are faint and surreal and I find myself imagining images of Ice Queens and fairy folk and other such beautiful beings...

But me being the silly thing that I am instead of presenting this in a faery light I slapped on my atomic bunny ears and tail and became s fae snowbunny..

WHAT you say there is no such creature..

I beg to differ this is SL and I have pictures to prove that the fae bunny exists...
It exists because I say so..
and I think the end result is rather adorable.

The pictures are not photo-shopped in any way they are just shot in world and untouched other than crop chopping them.

Just so you know.  AS I get better at this blogging thing I will Eventually make out lists of every item I am wearing and links for everyone. But The real thought behind this blog was the Fauna Skins.. and My appreciation for such great works... I am particular and peculiar and these were just my style..

My favourite of the two she gave me was the skin called careless shown in the pics.