Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Gift of Magic

Do you believe in Magic?

The Magic reflected in your lover's eyes as they gaze upon you.
The silence that etches our heart with words that appear within us as we think of our love.
Where does this come from?
Have you ever asked yourself.
Is this real?

Do you believe in magic?
Do you even know what it is?
So many questions swirling about our heads..
Questions that some of us flick away with the wisp of our lashes as we look at the world around us..
I ask you to take a breath.. Now as I introduce you to the magic I found hidden and tucked within laughter and joy.. Playful colors and delicate creatures..

Created by the magician in the heart and mind of..
Mickey Heaney
Him and his loving partner.. have hidden away in front of our blind eyes a gift...
worth giving.. to those of us who think we have everything.. for the seekers of romance for the men who want to touch the heart of there beloved.. to entreat us with an eternal and glorious visage of there love entwined in nature... The trees... can you feel them? the leaves? brushing past.. now whisper to her what you en created here for your pleasure...

Watch even the mighty oak bend to the winds..
Create your own garden...
and begin here....

The Haven Giftstore and more

With just four photos respectively from east west north and south... your favorite pose passionate or innocence.. wild or childlike. enticing or intriguing.. no matter where your garden path leads you... the perfect wedding gift or romantic gesture..
Dryad pose by...