Saturday, April 10, 2010



Quiver Quintessa

After I finished that crazy damn hair hunt 
( one of the funnest hunts I have ever gone on)
and the blog was finished for it
 I got a last minute hair from Nushru.
 real life had postponed the crystalline hair from being placed out
 til just a touch late.
So I went to the shop and met Quiver
and there she was in the cutest lil flower dress.

 I asked her where she had gotten it...
I wasn't shocked to find out it was one of her own creations..

The shoes that matched were a gift to her subscribers.
but could also be gotten at some sort of event
vender space she had set up elsewhere
and they were only 50L there

The dress matches perfectly..
but wasn't too matchy..if you know what I mean
 I hate it when things blend in one boring blob of the same texture..
this had a bright and cheerful transition
 that immediately caught my eye.
Super sweet.. Super cute


A sunshine and flower power look
Warm and cheery with a matching hair..
This hair is cuter than you think..
The flowers arranged around the
clever lil daisy shaped bun
and there is a menu
to change the flowers color

Its well constructed and a winner.
more of a fantasy look than a realism look
I can see this on a variety of Avi types from fairy fae to outragious lil kids
not to mention adorkable cuties like me.

I secretly like it that she says it wasn't a best seller
because I don't really want to be a clone
truthfully its a fun wearable and playful hair.
and I wanted to share.

Green Goddess Dress


Hair shoes and dress all 50L each
located here