Thursday, April 15, 2010

I heart you -Veschi- Much

It has been well over a week ago that I ran into Alla Ruff of -VESCHI- She was trying to manipulate a crazy subscriber board gone wild and her day was a lil.. hectic.

But despite the mass amount of confusion she still kept her cool and assisted the customers istopping by for the gift she was giving out.

I will give her a gold star for her patience and consideration of the many avs popping in for her saucy lil freebie subscriber gift..

*this top in the pic is all prim and fits well*
I had bought several of her items a long time ago and admittedly they had been lost in my massive inventory..
But her style is recognizable and unforgettable. I immediately remembered just how much I loved the shirts I had purchased last time .. and then it hit me.. I also remembered how she really had an over abundant amount of choices... of color and color combinations..
She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to variety in colors..
*yes another sculpty top to this dress*
Beautiful muted tones rich and classic. If your love the old classics..  basically heavily seventies influenced clothing that stretches to the 80s era and makes it to the year 2010... ..

Then its a must stop shop for you..
Don't let the many selections of tones colors and more.. confuse you..
Almost anything you pick up your going to love.. The pictures on the sales boards. focus more on whats in the box so you realise you will get every option.. than it does on the beauty of the prims.. Proudly made by Alla herself.. .. the pics don't tell you how lovely the prims are and the textures flawlessly blend at the joints of the pants made similar to the style of popular boomers but more of a palazzo wide-leg pant.. 

*the tie shirt coimes with a color and texture changer for the ties *very versitile*

You will find that the leggings textures look so smooth you can almost feel the silkiness with your eyeballs..
She dropped a packet on me so I had choices of colors to decide on what to blog on and all it did is totally confuse me I couldn't CHOOSE.. I was like a kid in a candy shop and it all looked good.. I sat night after night for a week... crossed eyed and bewildered..   
I sat in my closet what seemed like forever.. then  decided to blindly PICK one 
any one.
This top comes in gold chains -silver chains- or no chains

 I did it before I decided to jump out of my window in exasperation...
So here it is..
and if you ask me
 I didnt go wrong.
how could I...
All the colors rock..
 all the styles are smooth and classy...
It's definitely a fantastic business look..
for the professional in all of us..
but when the lights dim and the city... comes alive with twinkling lights.. you can always grab a pair of these sexy smooth leggings a chain bedecked shirt and your biggest hair...
and go party like its 1999....

I do hope you will take my advice and stop in her shop
 and pick up a few things to see for yourself.. I know I <3 her style and its not my normal style... I was impressed and can't wait to see what she will come up with next time.

*Holli has a hard head and no damage resulted due to my bad behaviour*