Thursday, August 19, 2010


I don't want to whine fuss and complain 
but here it is.

I was sick 

I went to the hospital 
it was all I could do 
to be energetic enough to log in  
let alone blog


 I didn't think I was gonna make it
*(insert drama)*

 I came in from time to time and spoke to people.. 
and got some new ideas for fantastic blogs.. 
took some pictures..
etc etc...

 but most of the time my friends 
were just trying to get me off my ass..

I am way way way behind

No I am not tired of blogging..
Yes I am going to attempt to do something about it

difficult cus there is so many wonderful things out there...
Better late than never ever never..

I am so sorry..
I was so busy keeping up 
with work family and love life.
Birthdays... etc etc etc..

I just had no energy peoples..

So.. this is my apology blog to you all

more random pictures from assorted moments of supreme
crybaby squishyness