Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thinking PINK.. New from Entropy and its FREEEEE!


 Whisper Stella

 Go Figure the first thing I build in forever.....
and its a freebee..

Floral Pink Cowrie Bead Bracelets
Think Pink Hunt Gift

So here I am blogging myself.

I really wanted to make something with my cowrie shell sculpties
And I loved how the one almost looks like a plaid of sorts.
 There are tons of plaids in my shop.
the hunt gift comes in a pair Left and Right
and after the hunt will be 100L
along with more colors to choose from ..
but for now enjoy these fab lil freebees curtousy of me

Actually its so hard for me to put my stuff out there for all of your approval.

 but here ya go.. pop on over the THINK PINK  hunt starts August 30th


 Whisper Stella

Hint for the hunt item

If your looking for something sweet just remember... Birds love TWEETS!