Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cold......... time for socks with your Heels!!

Brrr is it Chilly

N-core Pumps

Nuria Augapfel
and N-core has you covered

At least your Ankles

695L for the single or 3995L for the fatpack

Nuria has something for everyone and she handed me these  a while ago but this is the season for ankle coverage.. the socks have options in the hud for color picking any color you need.
the shoes come with or without socks and two kinds of heel options

I strongly suggest getting the fatpack so you can have maximum shoe color combos
not to mention only one set of shoes to tidy up the inventory

I am showing Christmas colors but that's not your only options
there are all the basics

perfect for maximum matchiness

*ES* Mehndi Goddess - Tattoo 329L and face tattoo 99L
Its kinda like Goldilocks and the getting just the right size
for a personal fit to your style

but naked and cold...
well almost naked
I am wearing poinsettias of modesty

There is something to fit every need... no matter who you are..
Oh and did I say GREAT CHRISTMAS gift.. a fatpack of N-core shoes
You will only need the one gift no matter how scrawny your tree is

*ES* Butterfly Gardens - Tattoo  349L

If your still feeling like shoes are not enough.... and you wanna keep well covered...
You can always tattoo your avi 
thought I would mention these fantastic tatts from ES in three shades from light to dark and on every layer

Also  very special Thank  you to.... GRIM Brothers very own Cutea Benelli
For the amazing fantastical Rock It Rudy Antlers for 188L and the awesomest of  
candy striped XMAS ARMCHAIR small and Big both 99L

They can be found
Here at Grim Bro's