Saturday, February 26, 2011

GASOLINE!!!! For a Quick Burn!!!

Tonight I am on Fire

The Newest Truth Hair February 25th

Nahla 2  -Coolmint with side swept bangs

Nahla with straight cut Bangs style

I was trying out one of his latest new colors Coolmint.... 
I love the oddness of it and its just so.. bright.. Have fun with it.

I paired it up with Boudoirs naughtiness UNWRAP ME!  for fifty L in there shop for a short time
the way the bow strands wrap modestly around the breasts is a plus.. very well form fitted
Bosom Bow and panty set.. 
Modest little naughty is so HOT

So I broke out a lil prop. 
from Rachel Breaker  *OFF THE WALL*
Gasoline and matches...  * no poses included with prop of coolness*

The Poses are all random shots from the 
## CI ##

Creative Insanity

Pin Up AO
Let me tell you while she is wiggling around poses and primping its difficult to get static shots..  but the poses are so cute and my avi was constantly wiggling and posing like the old time movie starlets and models.. so so cute and lots of fun

You can check it out here... just to see the awesome specialized poses.. CI has so many different and unique aos for RP and situational.. you can spend HOURS playing in the shop and there are plenty of lil freebies to make it worth your trip if you don't want to spend.. but the aos are cheep enough you can pick up two or three. You want to carry a surfboard around? you want to ride on a sperm!.. You want to be a witch for a day. Or a vampire.. a ghoul.. A dolly?  Zombie? Kitten? Definitely a place for a quick ao fix for any  costume your looking for.

The Second Truth Hair for this week is....

Whitney - Coolmint

the Whitney has the customary streaks and attachments.. and a little colorchange barrette