Thursday, March 3, 2011

SsSSssSSsSSsSSsss Kiss my Asp

 by Precious Restless of Vita's Boudior

This snakeskin catsuit has shoulder pads and then tentacles that can be worn separate but I prefer this one without the tentacle shoulder pads. It can be easily worn either way. But the favorite part of it is the brilliant purple snakes on the thighs and printed on he back... Lovely work with color...

I paired them with my purple Oshun shoes to highlight the beautiful jewel-tone purple snake in the texture of the fabrics

:)(: Oshun Shoes 450L with color change options

Vitabella and her sissy Precious are  the dynamic duo.. they constantly create and I cant keep up with all of the beautiful and interesting things they do So I am featuring this off the cuff little pose shop I ran into that has great poses at modest prices.. and I found some prop poses of the SNAKE LADY it comes in ten poses witth a prop snake in several colors .. For this outfit I chose brown snakes.

I did IM Tea to let them know my brown snake had a Green but his slight imperfection made me love him all the before Tea fixes it you may want to get the quirky discolored snake for your very own.

The Pose shop is 

I love the prices almost as much as I love the poses there are two sets of poses five poses each and five colors of snakes to choose from. A texture changer for the color would have been awesome and I hope an update is in the future. But how can you complain at a mere 130L per set. So for all ten poses it is 260L total.. Run don't walk because these poses are pretty hot.

optional shoulder tentacles
 Also the hair I have had it so long but its so kewl it has dreads and beads but the best part of it is how the hair base is made.. its gathered in sections.. and its just too kewl... Here is a link. This is a fun hair that is good for many creative looks. Very Ethnic and savvy..A have re favored it. It is a saviour Hair special but she has plenty of other similar styles and dreads seems to be the thing. Worth a look.

-dD- Shola - Adjustable (Onyx) scalp view no longer available it was a savior hair special

a good view of my behind.. Buahahaha

If you happen to notice the set of snake jewelry it is also another thing
I have had for a while but its so fun to wear its a freebee with a leg anklet a bracelet
and a belt and nipple pieces 0L

The End