Friday, February 4, 2011

These Boots are so HOT I put my old faves on the Back Burner


Gospel Voom

sitting overnight remembering my promise to burn my favorites it was a hard decision

When he  told me weeks before he was working on some boots I would love I decided to be a good girl and wait patiently , I waited and waited and waited then the note came  
Curvaceous Boot
Morning light came and I decided to  burn my old favorites as promised
was here
 I held my breath and then I  waited then I  checked to see if he was online then I squeeeled in delight as I stated I will burn my old boots set em on fire and have a marshmallow roast...
let me blog these.. 
I mean he was gonna let me anyway but I felt like a kid waiting to reach my destination.. I wanted to behave but I  totally  squealed a high pitch squeal  ARE THEY HERE YET! 
cus these were so hawt they sizzled..

Then like the lil nutcase I am I had them on my feet  and I waited til now.   but here they are...  Curvaceous and yummy and fitting the swell of your calf with fine lines..  Gospel makes his sculpts and  has an amazing scripter for his shoes. And the look is all his.. unique and sexy as hell.

Make sure you  are aware they can be bought as a fat-pack so you have all color combos and configurations or you can get one at a time and buy the shoe polishes...  As always well loved because I can have all his colors in one boot and not stuff my inventory cus my inventory is a fat ass and must be trimmed with a chainsaw

I waited the week because these boots were so Hot off the press I figured we could fan the flame and keep the fire burning.

 Stiletto Style
 the description is best said by Gospels own advertisement

Curvaceous is the new boot from Gos, taking virtual fashion to new heights. Designed to accentuate the curves of your body, Curvaceous is seductive from every angle, each boot presented with shiny leather, soft suede and combination options that can be customized exactly to suit your look.

Curvaceous by Gos
© Gospel Voom & Elpis Oh
All rights reserved.

The heals have three options! Chunky Wedge and Stiletto


Quite the color pallet to choose from

and for those of you who are photogs get your cam on and do it...
Gos is having a very lucrative contest
The contest runs from January 29th to February 12th 11:59pm SLT,
and all entrants will need to follow the entry requirements to be considered.
Entry information is posted next to the Curvaceous boots display

If you have any questions about the contest, please ONLY IM or email
Strawberry Singh -

Billie-  Streaked - Carob

put out three new hairs this week
Lip Piercing by  A:S:S deLuxe - Cross my heart   
>TRUTH< Neve - carob

>TRUTH< Odette with bangs - carob
>TRUTH< Odette - carob