Monday, March 14, 2011

Fist Pump Part 2

Pump it up!!!

Don't Laugh 
It took me a bit for the second installation of my hunt items
I was a bit concerned because I had a pose that was for TWO
and other than two boxing it I thought why complicate it and I did a public shout out for a temporary BEST FRIEND. Yes you got it I do not have a bestie of any type. I have plenty of people I love but I am always too busy for them and they have abandoned me as a person to hang out with and when I wasn't too busy I was yammering in there ears. So this is me and my new bestie for a little minute. I have forgotten her name already Oh I looked it up its ....Rusty Hammand and I would love to thank you for your time and patience...
 FYI it did not take too long to find the complete outfit in the hunt items. All but the hair baby! That will be the next bloggy.

 Its such an awesome pose you may actually believe Rusty Hammand and I are friends!
# 40 ICED - Best Friend Pose
# 45 Mango, Mango!  -  Air Vamp Skin with blue freckles layer 

# 47 Ancay - chain bikini top
# 01 Atooly - Fist Pump Ugh Boots and low cut fist pump pants

# 30 Yayo - War paint tats

The skins came in two tones and a BLUE freckle layer.. * yes I said Blue... I used the tats by Yayo though becuase it went well with the Native American 
Inspired Look

# 33 LACIECAKES - Claw Finger Rings in gold black and silver