Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Indian BOI does not speak with forked tongue... BOI hair looks good on you ladies too!

This one is for the gals. Smokahontas from my last blog but check out what else I found

The male Indian boi hair is called KURA II paired with the hair base tats available in the shop

So come on ladies you have to mosey on down to anaphora and grab some boi hair. 
Its something different to try out.
A bit unusual.

 Yes definitely unusual

 There is more where this came from there was a whole wall of great hair.

Me and my BOOCH haircut!

On a side note check out the cute group gift from HUCCI this handkerchief  hem cami top is called Carrie there are other colors at 125L each and have a variety of colors to choose from

I love the cockatoo bangs! I had a lot of fun with this fun little hair.

This one is great for the pixie look I always like pixie hair cuts.. Its called COLTON

And the name of this hair made me just have to have it.
It is what cought my attention.
Last but not least..

Faggot hair..

Don't be a hater

See you later catch ya on the flip side
and go get some BOI hair you know its sexy