Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello My name is Whisper.. and * I am an SL Hoarder* hangs head.... in shame

Yes that's a T


I have to admit two years ago my inventory was a fatty 12k... and I was thinking omg I have to sort my things so I can get rid of the junk..

I would make folders delete links and note-cards and pose stands
I even boxed up out of date hair...  I am a huge HAIR collector

OK  I will face it.. I collect everything.. Poses.. props  Hair Shoes 
I have reached 100K inventory and I need to get rid of half of it at least.. because I can't even find my new things any more... 

Virtual Props & Poses  had a free hug sign is just one of there gifties..It just felt right for this moment. Its 500L to join the group but you get so many freebees when you join the large fee is worth it if you keep the group the prezzies are always top notch or just fun lil things like this sign.

...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Roxana Hair Red
IREN - Mini Dress in Violet 75L 
Slink  - Heidi Rainboots -  I went searching in her shop and discovered these were an exclusive that ended in January. I adore these boots and wanted to share but look..... my fat ass inventory has thwarted a good deed.  But I would suggest joining her group becuase she has some amazing sales and specials that are just too good to be true.. 

slink – Heidi boots for Extend a Helping Hand 

no longer available

I love HUGE earrings  big fatty hoops are IN....
::je::suis::    precieuse::earhoops totally customizable metal hoops and gemstones to mix and match  pared with...
...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Ivanna Hair in Red
and the skin.. with the smokiest deep set eyes... in a dark dusty purple that I just loved... its not my nomral cute look it added a bit of hardness to my look that felt kinda great if you ask me..
 Skin is Ella/Sunnier/LiliacShower/BlondeBrows found here at VAKRA

Yeh its that bad... I am slow lately.. like a slug and speaking of sluggy snails here is the mutant snail from PNP for a mere 30L... he is a floaty that you can wear and drag your lazy ass around too! Love his big stalklike eyeballs... they gave me a fright and then I giggled...

This is my current look of horror... at my slowness...
also courtesy of PNP poses groupgifty ...  they offered me a special facelight  just so I could see it!

It took me three times of rebooting and restarting thinking the Client was fubar lol HAHA joke was on me and yes it is somethign you can share and give to your friends.. I spent a good part of my evening giving my model friends face lights!