Friday, April 22, 2011

Twisted Bunny Tails



 Emotions WOOT POSE Hair comes with or without poses 400L for all eight colors Snow is shown

 although the Kunsthammer buttons EYES and the Skinpop piercing is not to be found .. I did look them up to see if I could grab the links.. but no luck. Sometimes the old stuff still rocks.. but it vanishes with avis that get board  leave or loose interest in secondlife... stuff can poof  as if it never happened.. these two items are prime examples of that... So always get things while you can..
Just sayin..
can we say this messy doo is on FIRE @ EMO-TIONS

I tend to view the world in a twisted fairy tail sort of way...
Holidays and stories jsut do not need to be Always Beautiful.. there is no Light without Shadow...

And I love to see the shadow and show the beauty of it.. I don't delve too deep in the gothic or gore.. but I dabble in it's various looks.. and I lean towards the artistic point of view.. I do not like things to be too perfect.. it doesn't seem real to me.. and in this world that isn't real...

I want to reach for things I can't obtain in my first life mix a little bit of the real me and the wanna be..... put it in a blender and see what happens.. the results can be rather nice.. I think..

The Sexy Bunny comes also in several colors for 99L  and its from Beautiful Dirty Rich it is also available for a few colors in the MM board with a low target of only 100 to get it for free so you crazy MM slappers go for it..  the bunny dress can be worn after Easter...too!


I love the floppy ears.. The one cocked ear floppy down adds a touch I am working into the velveteen swagger

But you need great shoes to swagger it the right way and for this I chose one of SLINKS newest releases

Slink Mia Wedges in Red 625L or 2500L for the fatpack

Leaving you off with my Easter greetings..  I hope you have a KICK ASS  EASTER

Also of special note is the makeup.... with the glossy black luscious lips... 
GOTHROCKET by Edge of Sanity