Thursday, June 16, 2011


Fantasy Skins and more 

 Right now it seems they are only available in the fat packs..  for 1600L I found these skins to have nice smooth details... soft features and luscious lips. The cool watery blues epitomize my idea of fantastical skins.. Either blue Merfolk or watery nymphs Even Coldblooded cyborg your imagination can run rampant with these... she has several tones of icy blue watery skins and bone chilling sea depth greens.... Air or water..your whims are the desire... Also the skins come with plain or a spattering of Fae dusted stars and sparkle versions..

worn with
June 10th release of TRUTH Hairs - DANNI  - Granny Streaked
EYELASHES no. 9  by InVision

The creator of these skins is a 2 yr avi that is getting her feet wet and running with it on her skins. She is earning her keep in SL 
with her new found love of creating skins and having a blast. 
I for one feel a pride in supporting new creators and people with a vision... The more we buy the more we wil encourage to come up with more...

Matty is working it and I am enjoying it...Show some skin and strut your stuff

Oh you know it makes you look hawt when you got the booty arched up high in the air... and you go to shake it on the dance floor.. Just don't fall off of these sky scrapers for high heels...

mythic ~ morgan ~ water ~ storm ~ sparked version

Be warned.... but definitely don't let it scare you from buying these.. sexy F--- Me Pumps... Yeah I said it.. I did I did....


The next Truth Hair is called... JUNE and I chose streaked and smurfy Blue!
with straight cut bangs

Version 2 of Truths June Hair with side swept and streaked bangs

Seen here with my own creations of the Pretty Paw Bra with little details like yarn caught of the naughty paw claws...Rawr....

Pretty Paw Bra... ENTROPY designs- Whisper Stella
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This offer will be good until Friday Midnight.

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freebee Pretty Paw Bra..

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