Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just chillin.... and being Sassy


This is my idea of a sit animation for a chair Dirk made a long time ago its in the shop check it out *not for sale at this time*
slipping off the chair but it does give you a side view of these pants one of a couple of my fave features on them

Ok as usual I am just farting around doing nothing  well not exactly nothing I am trying on clothing and trying to delete stuff and fitting  a few outfits.. and I got stuck on this one little look.. and I wanted to show you...

And my Friends at P-n-p  had the perfect poses to show off a primmed top..  the whole thing came from Sassy kitty Designs... Shoes pants and top... The clogs are awesome and come in a large array of colors

Only two of the poses didn't work in the mix... but I couldn't ask for more that was 8 out of ten.. 

showing that sexy leg peek a boo thing and primmed cuffs that have such a nice shape

Honestly if you want a series of poses to work your blogs.. or photos.. P-N-P has something for every style...  couples singles models kids..  and the backgrounds  to go along with most of your needs..  My favorite thing is the extreme attention to details even hand placements. The way you hold your hands and everything you need for realism and great photos.. you only need your imagination..

Black Spring Top Water Lilly - this top was also available solid black and a white plus a few others

 The Emily Poses are in random order it would hurt my brain to try and keep track of them.. 
10 in total.  When you pop over to Props N Poses you will see that everything is very easy to get too and you will be glad to see that it is fairly  organized.. 

Seriously hot lil pants with tons of detail and great textures sculpted buttons and cuffs and comes in the same colors as the clogs 9 different textures to choose from

the Emily Poses were perfect because I had a prim top and did not want to extreme of a movement. Even then  the top wore very well and did not cause a lot of conflict

.ILLUSORY. Hair - Kimmi - Coal

Oh oh  -  THE Hair I ran across it when shopping with a friend of mine it has a hud to color change the front bang streaks and several options for ribbon colors these little pig tails were too cute to pass up I was still sporting my baby elven ears that I double as piggy ears. I was feelin it... and the hair suited the look. A definite Look for me

Nuunas skin just released a whole set of new glam rock makeups and skins
this is a combo of Uastis Black Pale skin with her makeup 11 ver 8

The lighting is brilliant so you do not get the full creaminess of the skins.. but if you know Nuuna you  know her quality.. her prices are insanely cheep 350 for most fat packs skins and even less for her makeups.. I will be posting more of her skins and makeups I use hers for a lot of my looks.. and the ability to layer tats and makeups  has made her special products even more versatile.

Morantique LUSH - Oui! Necklace

This pretty collar is a simple geometric form necklace huge gems on corded strands 

More Emily Poses ten in all

Tattoo XWD full body Phoenix

I has a stalker...