Friday, August 5, 2011

Divina...... daisy Oh Daisy

Divina .....

Solidea Folies

 Divina dress and headpiece 1500L

  I versatility of the dress goes from couture to wedding gown. I picture it as a very delightful alternate for the wedding that is just a little bit different.. filled with light and fun 

Oh Daisy

When I first slipped into this dress and headpiece It seemed to transform me ..
I did not notice the darkness surrounding me

Beautiful Daisy Umbrella with 2 hold poses


It was as if like Midas touch I spread light and beauty as I walked the path of Darkness.

The Shadows played upon this dress and the glow overcame the darkness... It felt Beautiful

 animated daisy particle wings are a very very old build that I still play with it has a multitude of settings for different effects  I will place a set in  a free box for anyone who  does not have them they can be found in a lot of places and I have had these for so many years I do not have any idea what freebee joint I got them as a newbie I obviously still pull them out.





I stressed trying to work with my wind-light settings and nothing made me feel as if I had captured the moving light and shimmer. I honestly need a new Graphix Card... Its time.. I cant use shadows  for more than a moment and it always ends in a crash

Dancing in the dark streats defiantly becoming my own sunshine
the residents would pause and stair at me 
no words exchanged