Saturday, August 13, 2011

Defining Hucci's with the magic of Crayon's - Classic!

 Beautiful Argyle Sweater Dresses in a huge variety of colors

Hucci Clothing is timeless.. 
it just seems to get better but the older stuff still looks amazing..
The success of this shop is basically because it consistantly puts out great clothing.. great textures.
I can always click on that buy button without hesitation because I know I am not going to regret my purchase. And believe me I have bought a lot of things  that I wish I could get my linden back.. you cant get a refund from a designer by saying.. Uhhhhh hold up I hate this can I have my money back. It looked better in the ad... and..uh.. this is crap... your not going to get a friendly refund ..

 TRUTH HAIR  - CLAUDIA -August 1. 2011 release
Also shown in the picture above.
This side swept look is very romantic
Truth us a perfect Match for Hucci
Pure Satisfaction every time
take note of the perfectly fitted knit collar

If I am looking a tad Orange your not seeing things.. I am wearing the Orange Crayon skin by Nuuna
a favourite skin maker of mine.. I love her smooth and oddly colored skins and makeups.. so artsey!
and many of her skins match o up with my  more outrageous looks

No this is not lighting effects its just coordinated Nuuna's Crayon skins and a Hucci Argyle dress and Truth Hair and Fab N-core shoes

NUUNA's Amazing Skins and make-ups
Her new shop is very  pretty... I love the new look its much easier to see what is going on and please check out the freebee board it has some delicious skins for little or nothing

The same thing just different colors... and the beautiful shoes are N-Core design I blogged them in previous blogs and she is coming out with a new shoe I cant wait to get my hands on

So without further rambling.. You can Always count on Hucci.. I have never had to delete anything of hers.. its all satisfaction even the older stuff. I  still use it.. Its a sound investment in your wardrobe..

Whats my rating?

Buy with confidence... that's about it.. its a sure thing your gonna love her style on your avi!