Monday, October 31, 2011

Just plain Weird.....

Sometimes when I am looking through my closet to find the next blog items... It just gets unbelievably weird...
So as I fall out of my closet...  let me share what most of you have never seen..

 Magnifique - New VIP Group Gift:- One half of DIP ME pose
This is me hard at work..
.... and the strange perdition build.... with flowing blood pool is just one of many oddities that you can find. This dark and disturbing sculpture/fountain named
perdition was an offering for the twistie group members

The prices are very affordable for some very interesting builds..  Even though perdition has no poses.. a lot of the things in the shop do have poses..

a moddest little shop by giulietta.sugarplum

seriously I am looking for fashion in my over exploding inventory... and if that's not bad enough I belong to the most amazing group ever TWISTED THORN TEXTURES and they have a lot of talented people that tinker and share and build... every couple of weekends there is a gift weekend.. and you never know just what you will find..

the pumpkin head mask generously given to the Twisties by Katharin Milena

Her shop is called the Cheshire Cat and I popped over to see what she has..  there is not much there yet but I am looking forward to whats next... there are some odd things going on -
go check it out.. invest in the future..

Magnifique Pose that was used with the perdition build

I also wanted to give credit for the whip cream tatas  there was so much more to the outfit.. if you wanna call this edible delight an outfit. It has a waffles coochie cover and cherry nom noms.. with a tattoo layer of whip cream that could be confused for bukake madness.

 Dessert 175L

This fun confection outfit is made by jania.cleanslate of


Last but not least the brown yoga work out pants of awesomeness.... it kept me from flashing my lil heart shaped waffle in public while I was running around..