Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Awesome gift giving Idea found on Day 2 at the EXPO

 It was the second day of the Expo when I ran across the most amazing design.. and perfect gift that I wanted to share with you..  So many people will be trying so hard to figure out something that will make there special one smile.. this gift giving idea is made with care and love.. and with each prim she feels a connection  and an honor to be a part of your special moment no matter what it is...  This isn't just for Christmas but  you do not even have to be a partner.. this gift can be given to your besty also

 Skin is by (Mamboo Chic) Yume.asian cute MM board .freebie


She works fast and got this too me almost instantly..  The special added touch of bags that come personalized  made it sweet and appropriate for  any occasion...  One of the best things about it is in giving your gift to your loved one you get one for yourself to match ... The card will instruct you how to personalize your gift and at the cost of 1750L You get some great service. This price includes your choices of male/male female /female or male/female I was thrilled at the quality and the fact you can change the cords and metals and personalize it to your wardrobe to match anything you wear. A lot of work went into this piece and the value for your lindens  is amazing. All this can be found right at the EXPO here at MISHA'S FINE JEWELRY

Lets start taking a peek shall we.  This is the females necklace.. you can customize names and she has charms also that you can choose from

URCo Love my Bones tattoo is the one worn in the pics..

Even the persnickety picky peoples will love the quality you really cant go wrong.. this is a wonderful gift giving Idea I am so proud of myself for finding it.. it covers many styles and types of personalities.. I cant say enough how great this is...

Lots to choose from even though the prefect charm for me would have been a key..

But there is plenty to find to make anyone happy.
And now..  the males version and it rocks
The serial number can be any date or number you choose.. and I set it on Rudolph's post because of course I cant give it to Dirk before the holiday... Beware do not remove your partners gifty to check it out the bag is no mod so you cant put it back in!! It is a transfer no mod no copy gift.. All Modifications are menu driven for size and colors. Just saying for you curious types like me who may wish to show your friends your gift before the big day.

Some may be curious about the earrings I was wearing

Earrings are from a set by ...LAURIA called La Boheme
 Rudolph....was curious about my shoes..

Virtual Props and Poses Santas Star Photography Prop - I had to reassure Rudolph that I wasn't a huntress.. My Shoes were definately making him nervous.

Last blog I wasn't very festive in my military look but  people were asking  Just what was I wearing..
Lets begin with the Shoes by Purrfect 10 and they are aptly named "Killer Heels" becuase they are just Killer they come in ten different colors and Price $690 ( VIP members get 25% off!) The price of admission for VIP allows you  to get a whole bunch of amazing free shoes and special deals....

Seriously.. folks... and all you bad ass ladies..  you have to have some form of protection even if its just a killer look

These come in several colors  I chose classic black patent  but there are plenty of camo looks and more that match almost any outfit.. Below are some promo pics... and there are ten colors to choose from

Yeh I know you like these... they are completely different... I love the bullet heel strap... and they can be found at Purrfect 10

 I love great shoes...

 a place that has some cute lil finds is the BE HAPPY store where I got the WALTRINA outfit that includes the rucksack ....It also comes with a pair of tennis shoes but I had to where the Killer shoes cus they were just to awesome.

Waltrina outfit from Be Happy shop... found upstairs
 I have tons to blog.. More than I can ever open or even look at.
Any-who.. It is what it is and the items I blog I only do so because I like them I do not randomly blog anything I blog what I love...Always trying to do my best in appreciation for those who are kind enough to trust me. the things I blog are delicious and I do hope you good people run to the nearest store and support these amazing designers...