Friday, December 9, 2011

My Third Expo Day I get into the Spirit and look the Part

Aphrodite Shop

Having Tea with a kid I had to borrow..  at first she popped in  as a Gothic Kitten child but here you see her and I on our best behavior and with very good manners as we have a teaparty. This little table has other options  like games  and other kid stuff.Also the bedroom in the back was so cute You can change the blanket and pillow textures..  but I loved the barn animal theme... well done animations and great for  your kids room..  OMG I want a kid.. so I can  make them take NAPS!!

And this time I found some KIDS furniture's.. I am not overly fond of the Children avis in Second life..  But I do see a RP need for them in some areas. And I have many friends who have child avi's  Its a great outlet to create a family here. Or relive your childhood.. I just personally do not find a need for it although I have considered having a child so I could have constant companionship and someone to talk too... Pure selfishness I assure you. But this furniture they make for lil kids almost made me want to adopt!!!

They had some awesome Christmas Holiday Props also. OK so I say Awesome allot... but I mean it..  

"Winterfun" Snowman with couple poses & animations 500L
  Aphrodite Shop

For instance this AWESOMEST snowman prop that has couple and non couple aka Friendy and single poses male or female...  It was an opportunity for some great family photos! So I called my Nephew over from whatever mischief he was up to and he Merrily played in the snow with his Aunty...

And my favorite the whole reason I came into the shop!!!! I am a beach girl at heart and I always miss the ocean.. so in the cold when its festive and holiday I long for  it.. so what did I run into but a SNOWCASTLE... so much like the beloved sandcastles of my  youth..  I adore the snow castle...

Now there are a three cute  poses to choose from.  and you can always try them out in the shop

"Winterfun" Snowcastle with 3 Couple Poses
 Now It was very sweet of My nephew to take time from his busy life of mischief... He has so much fun but always has time to help me out.. He even knocked his block off his shoulder so it wouldn't trashy up my pics with its bright gaudiness...  Big Hugs and Thanks to Wire... YAY.. fun in the snow..

Now for you family types Aphrodite has plenty of family dinner tables  with the works...  it comes with a rez foo thingo.. so you can set up your family dinner in one simple click..

Just one of many  easily set table settings..  although I think I got half the other before it derezzed.. but n lots of details and great fixings for family photo-shoots or just the rpg family fun time.. you can go to the shop and check them out  for yourself.. bound to be something  for everyone

For those of wanting to know what I am wearing..
Let's start with the hair is Also found at the expo at
 VANITY HAIR:Mimmi -Bordeau...  I love the hair-base and the way the primmed hair settles against my face in just the right way.. It was perfect for those heavy color or cowl necked sweaters so that you do not have your hair always going through your prims... Very elegant and fun look

 The Boots and the Holiday sweater outfit...


Winter Fair Location

*Mayden Couture* - Soana Boots Red 290L

7 different colors

*Mayden Couture* - Giuly Dress in RED

And this dress also comes in several nice colors.. All to be found at the Winter Fair..Location
Giuly Dress 280L
Last but not least is the Skin.. I loved the deep tone and the luscious Candied lips I do not know how I got it probably from my fashion bloggers group but I am glad I did and her shop is to be found in the link below..

**SHINE** Spring Beauty skin
 she has some great MM boards and free skins.. so do check her out  a nice place to get somethign pretty for your newb avi... DOnt go round making us look at ugly.... its just a SLin

KK thats a wrap...