Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have your self a Merry Little ChristMESH.......

Discover... Mesh

Mesh has been a difficult process for me I have been resistant.... I do not wish to s change... but,
I am exploring and remain open minded..  especially after finding DollCoco's Mesh. As the shop words it someplace in a notecard..........

You need to use a MESH ENABLED VIEWER to see the MESH items.
The bones of DOLL are different positions from SL standard avatars.
All clothes and items are only for DOLL.
Your standard avatars can not wear DOLL clothing.


I find things that fascinate me and I just want to share.

I am not one to change my avatar much other than skin and clothing.. I do not cavort around in  tinies or animal furry avis.. I occasionally like to wear robotic prosthetic.. And or tentacles with a touch of sci fi look to them. but this fascinated me I have seen a few mesh things that never fit my avi.... Great boots and more and I have no use for something I cannot adjust to fit me... Even if its beautiful but this was different...

*DOLLCOCO* Gift Albert Lapin (Mesh Rabbit Avatar)

I actually find that some of the most interesting avatars I will grab are free. Because I do not go for the look normally I am unwilling to plop down tons of LL for something I will only wear once to goof around in for a photo and or five minutes. But I do recognize that many of you find yourselves having the most fun when you can completely transform  into a non human form.. today... is a treat for you if you have not already discovered this meshy GIFT..   yes that's right 0L and for Christmas.. the gift sack is removable so you can just be a bunny if you choose...

This is a Christmas gift so I am unsure just how long it will be out..  So get it while you can...

Here at Dollcoco's were two Doll Mannequins Completely free. One pale and snowy and the other dark with a checkerboard spool top

Doll Bodies 0L

Next is a pose set  Fantasy Free Pose Prop by Virtual Props and Poses
and this Spool headed Doll avi was the perfect match to show off the poses
The Winter Antlers showcased on my headless form are a set from Vita's Boudoir for 200L. I love the imagination she styled these horns with.. they look fragile and ethereal.. They come with several options with and without birds,,, or with a frail ghostly tiara all set aglow. Vita's Boudoir is a premium spot to find the Christmas gown of your dreams hopes and imagination.... Always something for every magic moment in a womans secondlife...

Winter Antlers shown here with tiara

Just on a side note the free dolly avi is perfect for showing off poses
It is the very first thing I thought of when I found them.
Now a Rigged Mesh Avatar does not fit your normal clothing and maybe it will fit some of the primmed  or sculpty clothing but I honestly have not tried. I do know that *DOLLCOCO* has mesh clothing and some hair with Huge bows perfectly matched up to these bodies and several head styles.

A doll display.... this one has a head unlike me! I am envious...

Fantasy Free Pose Prop by Virtual Props and Poses

Just wrapping up the poses I went to VIRTUAL PROPS AND POSES and didn't run across the prop it was a VIP Christmas Gift.. Just one more reason to join the VIP group... WE have gotten several nice gifts this year.