Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just SHAG me Already

Wearing *Epic* Luxe Parka Vest {Black} for 339

[Shag] - Bombshell - eve

 I hear there is some great hair out there.... I have not explored before.. A I also hear SHAG has been around for a lil bit  How did I miss such great Hair?

Well did you happen to notice the amazing fabulious chunkie chainy heart earrings? Well if you didn't let me give you a closer look.. These Are nice and just a lil bit hardcore for you bad girls out there. Not only that but its The P!nk Bandaid - Debute Design.. By the lovely Jelika Ordinary aka JELI..

P!nk Bandaid  C HAINED LOVE EARRINGS  - 175L
There are some equally awesome bangles that she made to match and this is her first release.. So encourage her and buy them so she will make more of this great young fun style. Thank you Jeli for letting me blog these I am happy I ran into you.. Candeebee Bade Is so proud of her lil Jeli girl she is just like a proud Mommy.

Jeli was wearing the best nails..  and I perved them and come to find out  it was another  goodie from

P!nk Bandaid

PRETTY PRICKLES P!nk Bandaid  275L

They Rock don't they lots of rings..

I enjoy discovering new designers and I love the earrings so I am hoping for the best..  We can never have enough fab earrings.. Also in the shop  you can grab a Bitchbow ring.. for 0L its a bow ring that is just super easy and super sweet to be worn with anything. Girly gear.. for certain. Sitting on a small table in a bag near the Lucky Board...

Now as great as all this is I am sure you noticed the fab nerdy glasses I am wearing.. they are a coming soon item that Candeebee should have out this weekend so keep your eyes open for them.. I am loving mine.. And this is just a little sneeky  peek of the coming soon items  to be probably be released this weekend..

Sneeky Peeky's of  Aria Glasses and Diving Swallow Earring coming soon..

I also was wearing a cute Vest from a new favorite of mine *EPIC*
it comes in a huge assortment of colors as you can see below...

A great thing about EPIC is that when you arrive there is always a model showing off the latest and newest release so you can see it outside the box... I love that it gives me the opportunity to investigate and see just how well things are made and fit.

I am not a furry I am a Monkey CHAPKA!

n this photo I am wearing.... a micro mini skirt that Is in my own Entropy Designs shop paired with Bandage Leggings in Black from IZZIE'S in her discount section for only 50L you get all four colors

le fil cassé Black & Blue Outfitters the Cafe Cami 50L

 The poses are DARK BRICK WALL PROP 159L  from Magnifique Poses *MP*

Entropy Designs Deco Ringed Skirt

Shoes  are POISON By N-Core

Gorgeous shoes that I always recommend investing in the Fatpack so that you can take advantage of the many color combinations for customization to match almost anything.

Fatpack 6464L


Gives you almost unlimited combinations..of some of the best shoes in secondlife

Of note is the next Three Poses used are not from the black wall but

Worn Here with UrCo Black Zebra Sweater 70L and to go with it I chose the OW   D-Yo Monochrome Black Zebra Skirt It is from different shops  but a perfect combo if you ask me!

URCO Urban Company Pink Zebra Sweater 70L
Catch ya next blog Muahhhs Now go support these fantastic designers and tell them Whisper sent you.
and the lovely skin is a fairly New release called Lilly By IrEn