Sunday, December 11, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.... Its so EPIC......

 I have fallen in love with this shop
I have stars in my eyes..

TRUTH   Blair - coffee November 26 2011 release..

The cap is color texture changable..

TRUTH Blair - Coffee

with the Lower attachment / extensions and the hat texture changed to gray.

TRUTH Blair 2 Chestnut

with tiny little color change bobbypins

with more than enough color choices. And as always he has the huge variety of roots andhair extentions
The EPIC shop has EPIC goodies for the Holidays..
The color I am wearing I don't think is available any longer.. It was at the perfect wardrobe location and they are already filling it up with new stuff.. for the next sale.

 I was a silly butthead and didn't blog it fast enough.. I was working on a few of my other projects but you will be happy to know  the hat and legs are available in many colors at the main shop

Check out these new hats...
OMG OMG how frigging KYOOOOT

The little shorty shorts are EPIC also.. a remake of colors from an older item.. Fresh New colors!

Winter mailbox with letter to Santa 150L is another lovely item from the
I have elephantiasis of the Chapka.... and  there is way more colors and and and and..

OMG Monkey Chapkas too!!!!!
You may ask yourself....
Whats a Chapka..?
well lets google it..  its a......

From Polish czapka (cap) Czech čapka (cap) The type of hat worn by 19th-century Polish cavalry
Associated with Polish independence and nationalism.

See lots of colors...

EPIC Knit Digi Warmers

And It has a gifty button right at the vender and  they are 179L a super duper affordable gift for your besty...
do not forget there are MONKEYS!!!!   Too!!
I would like to add that if you have not been to EPIC lately you need to stop by because she is churning out new releases faster than I can blog.
I took these pics of this outfit and then it was over and there was more.. and as I am writing his now she gives me more... I need to blog faster.. OMG!!!!
 All this and way more can be found here at EPIC

Notice the  Profile.. I promise you will not be forgotten...
if you give one of these Chapkas as a gift your sure to be a hit...

Notice the necklace.. the twinkling lights... You will see a more colorful version of these in a later blog.. but for now I need to focus... Most of the backdrop and background is  

wintery Trees And Grasses

I really love the cat of nine-tails. 
Please note that the huge stars and falling stars are not a feature or part of the trees..  
the glowing lights are all part of the trees look.. 
but the larger stars are Free Particles from KIDD

I just love New Trails  I just tossed the trees and grasses about for my background and  this is just in a builders box and haphazardly tossed about.. Its virtually impossible to make any landscape bad or wrong with New Trails.... It just fits so well   
New Trails - Snowy Cattails
A must have for anyone is his set of Light Beams and sun rays. They h are completely Menu Driven for ambiance and color and glow.. they have several types of beams  wide to pin-lights so its so customizable to your look and it all can be found in one box!

  I am very fond of lighting and I have played with this set for days  and weeks....

the beams can be subtle or as I love them best extreme and brilliant... the come in small medium and large options and when I say large . I mean megaprim come from God sorta beams..

New Trails is a one stop shop for all your seasons.... they flow together so well...and the stylization is impeccable.. Great for sim owners that need a consistent look. Yet that touch of Fabulous. and remarkable..

One Prim Christmas Gold Stars Snow * KIDD Creation

 They also have twinkling bells sounds..  that have a volume control and they are completely utterly Free,, but no copy so if you need more than one you have to get more than one...