Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am forever Chaising RainBows

Nuuna Skin.... this ones free....

Vanity Hair  Volcanus-Rainbow this hair was a hunt gift and I went to the shop to find it.. I could  not locate it but I did not look very hard. I do notice that  many of her previous hunt hairs are on a wall so I am expecting this one is going to suffer the same fate eventually.
This was such an interesting look its so soft and inviting with a dash of crazy and extreme in its own way.

NUUNA SKIN this is the Color Overdose  that is free in a set of four halloween skins that are still out
found as you enter the shop behind the first wall 0L

I started off with a free Nuuna skin that I have always wanted to do something with.. It can still be found in her shop. I have been haunting her store almost from her beginnings and have fallen in love with the detail of the bodies and face.  If I recall correctly she wanted skins for rp and nothing was to be found to her liking so she created her own. For that I am grateful  Her skins have been the source for many of my best photographs. She must have been having a little playful fun when she made this one like a child  with a crayon box .. Its many hues of colors.. very rainbow like and is called...

::HH:: Hucci V Bodysuit - Candy
 I was running around for two days looking for jsut the right shoe I had my heart set on something equally rainbow. I was wearing a yellow stripe sweater dress and I was just not to enthusiastic about the look

just as I was staring at my bare feet I was handed the cutest pair of heels from Hucci from the group and your just going to have to go join up and grab your pair for yourself. The color is a limited edition color and I have yet to discover the other colors but these pumps matched perfectly 

::HH:: Hucci D'Ann Pump  - Coral Ltd Edition

One of the newest ::HH:: Hucci releases was the V bodysuit..  the candy color did the trick and here you go..  there were plenty of interesting and sexy skin tease bodysuits to get and the price was only 75L
::HH:: Hucci V Bodysuit - Candy 75L

Sometimes the rainbows are a little hard to find or follow you have to grab the gold before it vanishes and this case is  not much different. Some of these things have been about for a while and some are available only to those who belong in a group... The skin is still free and the body suit is affordable for even the most frugal of SL shoppers. 

I love this pose...  and it shows the back of the V body suit and its shear bare buttedness

 Just a special note that the props used are by one of the better Prop makers I have found in my Second-life Journeys.. I always enjoy her imagination and this was one of her generous gifts to her Group members.. It cost a Lil LL to join her groups but 500L goes a long way.. This is a group you won't want to leave once you invest that 500L. You will be able to get so many group gifts right from the beginning that it pays for itself..  she also introduces a lot of her valuable and expensive poses for an intor price.. usually from 250L to 500L. and many more free ones that she randomly announces. You have to be quick the girl tends to gank her poses and freeness up after a short time. she is very impatient and is always working on the next best thing... But let me tell you she treats her groupies WELL.... we get more than our fair share of amazing prizes.. the one above is an exclusive but it was fun and colorful... So  I say check her out and tell her Whisper sent you...