Friday, January 6, 2012

Vanity strikes a Pose.......

Fugee by Vanity Hair....
Its Wild with a Caribbean flair...

Vanity Hair  Fugee - Nova Black

RL I am pale white wiht a dirty blonde Hair that I have to keep highlighted to give it its youthful golden shimmer. I work toomuch and do not spend my time in the sun as was afforded before I moved away from the beaches. I have lived in the sun and on the ocean all of my life.. The smell of salty sea  always lingering nearby. The sounds of waves softly lapping at the shore while Dogs barked and seagulls cried.

Cluster Madrina Outfit only 70L for now in Jersey Shore Sim. Get it before its too late its already been out for a few days now. It includes the socks-tights/flats/shoes /Sweater /skirt
Its a rather unassuming store but this outfit fit rather well and looks great.. I am looking forward to more of the same in the future. I have never heard of this store so I was glad I decided to hit the Jersey Shore looking for I had no clue.. randomness.. So welcoming Cluster to my repertoire

My life has been filled with this Mystical Serenity since the early age of 8 when my Mother left the St Louis Area toting 3 rug rats and 2 teens to Texas...... So I naturally tend to gravitate towards wilder windblown looks if I can help it or get away with it.. This hair is the reminder of my carefree and careless days of Ocean and sun.. it rings of Caribbean sounds and soft breezes,,, and No combs. I hate Combs - combing and brushing my hair..

GAUDY my big gaudy buttons 99L for now. Accessories are always needed and for this I chose the whimsy of these awesome button Jewels that have a colorchange menu..Here shown in Grey and whites

I Always want to be the one that gathers bits of whimsey in a fashionable way..

 This is a closeup of the ring...  below but check out the nails I have to mention them they were grey and black checkered.... come in a set by SNG aka Shitz n Giggles I went to go find them in the shop and found them in a Lucky Board...

close up of the ring but notice the nails in checkers!

for you freebee freaks there is a whole wall of Lucky Boards in the shop SNG with lots of great looking freeness.. So your bound to get something nice within a short period of time no matter what..

I would like to mention the skins.. Sorry Asia is the one I am wearing in this blog but they have closed shop..  So as much as I would love to give credit for it.. it no longer exists unless they reopen one day..

So..  saying.. THE END until next time..