Sunday, January 8, 2012

Truth Bangs!!! - Dirty Girls get your mind out the gutter...

TRUTH Banged me and I love it.... Don't think of it in a Dirty way ladies.. He and I are strictly professional and respectfully associated.. *no disrespect meant Mr Truth *

But look at these Bangs..... OMG. I love the way he made them.. the layering of the fringe under the waved hair prims... I want more of this.. I want more banging!!!

TRUTH Leesa w/Roots - granny

I have been blogging Truth Hair for Two Years...
and I still love it and wait for the new releases with excitement... He always comes up with something worth buying..

*givin you all the look*      seriously.. You know he Rocks...The Hair

 I am not going to Jabber all I am going to say..
if you know Truth even just a little bit.....


TRUTH Andrea - granny

These hairs are both releases for January 6, 2012

FINESMITH Isabella Necklace Earrings and Hair Comb 750L
Now did you notice the fabulous Jewelry and the Hair Comb..  This is a beautiful Set from Finesmith.
I love how Yula thinks outside of the box in her creations.,. its never the ordinary.. If your wishing for ordinary then I do not know what to say... Finesmith is for the woman with Bold Style and simple elegance that shouts as you swish by in something outrageously couture or You can wear it the way I do.. I am the kind of gal who will wear a tiara with my bathrobe... So shall we just say that Finesmith actually has something for every woman... and some men also... Be creative...

The Huge Ring is by GAUDY - Iced Ring

Solid Nails are by Finesmith

lots of COLORS to choose from for 300L each

Oh and the sexy little due of Mini dresses I have on are both from...

Sweeter than Candy

The Gabi mini and the Mikala Mini  are both 60L for the fatpacks  so hurry before you miss out on these super sassy minis.. at the best price evcr....

Sweeter Than Candy - Gabi Mini

Sweeter Than Candy Mikala Mini Dress

Shoes the ever Lovely and consistently Sexy..... N-Core Coquette Glitter Heel that I blogged previously .. Love the glitter textures.. *swoons* Favorites!!!

The arm tattoo is Vestigium - Rock'n'rolla  Medium shade 169L Male or female

Its yet another shop I have never explored it seems I am starting of this new year with newness.

And the perfect lavender eyeshadow makeup and skintone that perfected the look is

 *LpD* Les Petite Details Skins - *Andrea* Gem Darker Tan