Saturday, February 11, 2012

Introspection ... what of it.. lets blog shall we my precious stalkers..

I have paused long enough.. it is time to move after two whole days of doing absolutely nothing but staring at my monitor
So let me ramble on about my woes and troubles and  it will fall upon deaf ears and blind eyes but I will feel better in the end and ultimately that is what counts...
So my lovely stalkers bare with me this  time.. I will snap out of it I promise...

Sometimes it takes a death in the family to realize that the box had a window and glass is fragile and will shatter if you kick hard enough. Why did I never try to shatter the perceptions of that certain loved one and break free of the tyranny of lies, The truth will set you free. Isn't that what we have been taught? So why did they have to die for anyone to utter the words?

Maybe the truth was never that important because all the damage was already done and no one heard the screams. or perhaps they were never listening in the first place. I have lived a life of never knowing the whole truth.. I constantly seek it .. knowing I will never find it.  Here in lies the problem perceptions are all relative... what you see here taste think and feel.. is not what I would even if our supposed experience was the same thing... It never will be the same thing.... not exactly

I don't think I have ever felt so alone as I do now... but this time I am not sad to be in the place called alone Its not my nightmare any longer. Alone has become a sort of solace and refuge
Its just a place... Emo has not been in style for a long time.. it simpers in a corner and looks sad.. Entertaining the mean folks. I am not part of that scene just because I am feeling blue... It is actually  introspection.

V&M Gender Benders unisex jeans

:OW: has the best little wordy T-shirt LIVE FREE LOVE TRUE it is what started the rant in my head so I added the words die happy because if you stick to the truth of things and examine your own motives..You will make right choices with little or no regrets.. another of my favorite sayings is no regret....

A great tagline for anyone to live by - Live Free Love True - Die Happy   :OW: T-Shirt "LiveFree"
You can blame OWs fab lil t-shirt for getting me thinking.. lol so go to Franks shop and buy stuff
 you wont be disappointed I never am..  after all this time.. I just love his stuff..
peaking of loving stuff who does not love shoes........ New from Purrfect 10

Purrfect 10  Wild Rose Heels

Every shoe color duo is paired with a black version so you wont miss out on the best classic color just because you want to match something unique. And usually if I am buying one shoe I always choose black first.. I really liked that feature its like having two shoes for one price..  if you don't count the combinations of roses and toenail colors

Roses amongst daisy's Yummmm

These past few weeks I have been dealing with funerals and.. assorted family stuff....
I still pop into sl and check my packages and try things on but I need to blog..  I adore the peoples that allow me to show off there things..  And I am grateful. So today I spent some time just cruising interesting artsy spots and slipping into something interesting to wear.... layering my look like an Onion....

URCo  Tattoo 111

Tameless Esther - Blacks and Whites with braid
[ni.Ju] Zipper Lip Ring
A great theme for me.. to ZIP my lip shut.. LOL if you know me at all you understand what I am thinking when I say that,

+Nuuna+ Kaia makeup for the eyes in Black, and the pretty pink heart lipped skin by [Atomic] Grace Skin - Be Mine (The Dressing Room Exclusive) Tameless Yvonne - Blacks and Whites - KOSH- INFINITY - Earrings Bracelet and Necklace


for this blog I wore the black eye makeup not pictured in the advertisement but these are the colors and all colors for 100L

FINESMITH - Lost hearts ring- real heart a limited edition while they last 70L each in 7 l textures to choose from while they last. The real heart red was at 57 left at the time of this blog. I got three myself... Also worn are SUNSHINE NAILS - Black Rose Nails it comes with a ring that is not shown

I will have to update the nails at a later date. I cannot find the proper link I teleported and it is no longer available. If I figure it out I will definitely update when I can for my stalkers... Muahh! <3

:SEY  maki2 zip up  - Check red - the textures on this are so realistic.. It look fantastic.. I can't wait to get more from this store.. its all so good!

this jacket dress thing pealing off my hips by :SEY really fits well I am liking there stuff seriously.  thanks to my nephew who showed me there shop
There were so many colors to choose from it was so hard to pic.. I do want the Zebra one next though. I love Zebra things..  :-)